BINGE: The Ultimate Eating Out App

I live in Bengaluru, and if there is one thing that this city does like a boss, it is eating out. We the people here are constantly looking at excuses to eat out. And why not? We have some of the best places in the country and arguably the most friendly social scene in this city. That being said, there are times when one feels slightly flustered when eating out. Especially when handing out the credit card to an unknown guy to swipe or when we go dutch and have to split the bill. A bunch of thoughtful people have come up with an app that helps with just that – Binge!

Binge is a thoughtful app that helps people to use their smartphones to pay when eating out. When said like that, it sounds awfully simple, but it is much more than that. Let us talk more about this now


Binge is an app that uses your GPS location to show you places where you can eat out. Once you decide where you want to go, you just check in there and give the waiter your binge id which is like a unique userid that you create when you first download the app on Android and iOS. After that, life is beautiful!

The App will give you your real time itemized bill as you are eating and having fun! Your card number and details are safe with you on your phone, the payment transaction is local to your phone and encrypted with a token that is shared between the bank and the phone.


The application provides for upto 4 credit/debit cards to be pre-loaded; also provides for splitting of the bill amongst friends;  ability to pre-load a wallet;  allows for loyalty programs to be redeemed etc.

Some of the unique features that Binge offers are privacy wherein the users do not have to share their mobile numbers and can check-in with their unique Binge ID. With this application, one can save multiple visa/master debit/credit cards securely as these are stored in a vault. The card details are available on the phone only as a token and no one has access to the data.  One could also see their friends on Binge and add them to the table. With Binge, one could split the bill with their friends in real time without the hassle of a calculator.

The best thing is the fact that you can add your friends on Binge and split the bill just like that! And things like paying for your kids who are having a party somewhere is easy, also you can check exactly what has been ordered and what is the total real time! Pretty Nifty and useful

Noroc Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a Bangalore based technology start-up has launched Binge for the F&B industry, in Bangalore. Co- founded by Santosh Martin, Christopher Lopez, Shankar Sukrutaraj, Gaurav Arora, Amit Roy & Ajay Joseph this distinctive application focusses on Food & Beverage industry

Binge has already tied up with 25 restaurants in Bangalore like Skyye, Toscano, Sanchos, Sinkong, Opus, Blimey, Bootlegger etc. Binge is looking to expand its presence in Delhi and Mumbai by May and further partner with over a 1000 outlets in the city by the end of 2015.

The company has tied up with Uber in Bangalore to offer its customers exclusive deals like discounts on Uber rides. Binge also will continue to innovate on partnerships & continously add value to the customers.


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