Going on Vacation? Take Tripigator with you!

Generally one goes on vacation to unwind, relax and generally have a good time! Forget hassles and tensions. But given the hectic lifestyles that we have today and the logistics of planning and going on a vacation, it has become a very high pressure task to plan and actually go on a vacation. There is a nifty app called Tripigator that is here to change all that. I took it on a trip from Bangalore to Chennai and it was really useful. Let us discuss this app today

This is not just another travel app. This one has been well thought out. You start by telling the app where you want to go and where you are. But before that, I must say that install was one smooth affair and there were no hitches there at all!


Now to go from Bangalore to Chennai, let’s begin!


These are the details that the app needs. The Only details! After that the magic begins!


The plans were created and I was even told when to start and when I’ll return with an estimated budget! That was impressive and quick. I then selected one plan and proceeded to examine it in detail. So here is what the app told me.


When to go, what it will cost and also the weather when I get there! This was not all! There were activities listed out based on what energy level I have for the vacation, active, laid back and so on! And you get to see a whole host of activities across the city and choose whatever catches your fancy.


Now let’s get practical, what if I run out of cash? Who do I run to for finding where an ATM is? Well, as it turns out, Tripigator has that covered! See below


But hey , I am in a new city, how do I get from point A to point B? Worry not, Tripigator’s got that covered too!


Verdict: I am in love with this app. The ability to plan trips from end to end. The ability to estimate cost right up front is a great value add. Also the fact that finding ATMs and Medicare is a breeze with the app. The capability to plan activities based on the type of trip is very nice. The UI is minimal and flows smooth. Time estimations for getting to a place are spot on and suggestions for activities, eateries and routes are pretty good. I actually went on a Chennai trip with the App. Although I was born and brought up in Chennai, I followed the app blindly and was very impressed! Go get it! Even the budget was spot on, I spent a little more on spirits though!


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