Teewe 2: Streamlining Streaming

Indian Startup Mango Man made all the right noises and hit all the right notes with their Teewe streaming stick a few months ago. Now they are back with Teewe 2 – the next iteration of the streaming stick! By the looks of it, they have put in a lot of effort and thought into making it a nifty streaming solution for people who are hooked to the big screen. Let us take a look at this stick today

Teewe 2 Packaging

That is a pretty confident message on the pack and from what I have seen of the Teewe team, every one of them exudes this confidence. The packing and the package design is minimal yet thoughtful. You get the feeling that you are buying a product that wants to make a difference.

Teewe vs Teewe 2

The Teewe 2 has been redesigned alright, it looks more compact and weighs less and is also easier to plug into the back of your TV. Inside the box, you have a power adaptor, USB Cable and the Teewe 2 stick. So they have TVs with and without a USB port covered there!

Teewe 2 Inside


So you take the Teewe 2 out and plug it into a TV in the HDMI slot and there is a relatively simple setup process that follows. After that, you have an adhoc network up and running. Your TV is already on it, the minute your mobile/tablet/laptop/PC join the network you are up and running.

We have a lot of Android devices at home, so we went with the Android App. The App was neat and gave a unified interface to access local, youtube and Eros content all at one place. The UI is an iteration on top of the old one and serves the purpose well. Here are some screenshots




The good thing is that the next iteration is smarter and work smoother. Mirroring is out and proper streaming is in. This means that you do not see the lag in the video on the large screen. Also this means that once the Teewe 2 knows the source of your video and starts streaming it, you are free to do whatever else you want to do with your mobile device or the laptop. This also means that the HD play mode delivers brilliantly direct from the video source. So for example when you play a facebook video from a browser tab, you are NOT mirroring the tab but actually playing the video directly to the Teewe 2 stick. This is a major change and makes the experience faster, smoother and better.

The company had bundled some premium content from Eros, Data from Airtel et al, so the value and bargain conscious indian buyer is happy. There were some minor issues when the video files in the media folder were numerous and large. But then, every streaming device will have that issue. So not worth calling that a big disadvantage or something like that.

Also, when using iPads there is a noticeable bit of lag if you are power user. But hey, I am not complaining at all! Given the fact that the Chromecast comes nowhere near this device in terms of functionality, this is a very well made and well performing device!

It also passed the ultimate test, connecting it to the TV in one room and streaming from the adjacent room. Worked fine! Testament to the antenna redesign in the Teewe 2.

One is really heartened to see the new iteration of TeeWe – The Teewe 2.  The fact that I was one of the early users of the Teewe makes me very happy to see the TeeWe2. I can vouch that the team listens to feedback and responds positively! A BIG departure from companies that sell and forget!


Buy it! Use it and You’ll Love it!

For more info visit: teewe.in

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    • Shakthi Vadakkepat

      Keep up the Good work guys! Cheers!

      • Lalit Mohan

        read this again after a while.couldn’t help but smile all the way.Hopefully we can keep making Teewe even more useful for you and exceed your expectations. More power to our Teewe family.

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  • itisasitis

    Wow! Look at the love in here. You guys should get a room! So much for the myth of journalistic independence. At least you could feign to be impartial!

    My experience has not been as “positive”. Had issues with the Mac app, scanning, and had issues setting it up. Requires me to restart the device sometimes to get it noticed by the app. Streaming was also not perfect.

    Definitely admire the effort put in to this, and like the design work, and tough behind the product, but it’s clearly not smooth sailing!

    Also YouTube integration for one is a non starter of an option (as compared to Chromecast). So basically if you set it up right and have no issues (fingers crossed) then the home streaming thing is neat.

    Any how, considering this is a love in, wonder if my comment gets posted.

    • Shakthi

      Your comment and your thoughts are appreciated and I do not block negative comments. And I have posted my experience which was as described in the post. Yours was bad and will serve the TeeWe team well as constructive feedback!

    • Chandrika Batra

      Hey itisasitis…. Wondering if it would be possible to connect with you one on one? We regret that you had a negative experience and would really like to know about the issues you faced, in detail. You can reach me at chandrika@teewe.in. Hope to hear from you.Thanks for sharing your concerns. We hope you will oblige us with some more feedback.