1MORE Dual Driver BT ANC Review: Truly Premium Sound And Design

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

1MORE is quickly becoming a very solid and reliable player in the headphones and audio segment. Every one of their products has thoughtful features and design. They have been consistently pushing out great products one after the other. I recently spent a lot of time using the 1MORE Dual Driver Bluetooth Active Noise Cancellation in-ear headphones and here is my review of this headset.

If you are looking for a pair of wireless in-ear headphones that have nose cancelling to totally immerse you in your music? The 1 MORE Dual Driver BT ANC are a great buy. Not only do they have noise cancelling built-in they also have a handy pass-through mode that helps you quickly let outside sounds in – ideal if you’re waiting to hear an announcement at a train station or traffic noise when crossing the road. The neckband design ensures you can pop the headphones out of your ears and not worry about losing. As an extra layer of protection, the ear buds are magnetic and will even clip together.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) is a feature that is usually found on large over the ear headphones and that too in the premium segment. 1MORE’s latest dual-driver BT ANC is amongst the first neckband style wireless headphones to offer ANC and that too at a great price.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

1MORE is known for its focus on not just audio quality and feature set but also product design. The dual driver ANC BT has a brilliant and premium design. The neck band angle is very comfortable. The earbuds are designed for s snug fit in your ear and they do not feel uncomfortable at all. The earbuds have magnetic tips and that supports the stopping and resuming of music whenever you want.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

1MORE’s self-schemed TiinLab A2 chip achieves superior ANC by using a wider frequency range EQ adjustment to counteract bandwidth. Enjoy smarter noise cancellation with natural and full sounding audio so you can appreciate a serene listening experience. One dynamic driver and a separate balanced armature with a proprietary acoustic design deliver an extremely accurate listening experience with unsurpassed dynamic power and clarity.  ENC dual microphone technology features a precise microphone array that effectively filters out background noise so communication remains crystal clear in loud environments. The headphone lets you enjoy a meticulous wireless listening experience with Bluetooth 4.2 and a wireless range of up to 30 ft. A Type-C to 3.5 mm connection provides the option of wired playback if battery runs low.

Technical Details
Brand 1MORE
Model E1004BA
Item Weight 18.1 g
Product Dimensions 17 x 4.1 x 20.1 cm
Batteries: 1 A batteries required.
Item model number E1004BA
Compatible Devices All Smartphone & tablets based on Android & iOS , Laptops & Desktops, MP3 Players
Additional Features ✔Active noise cancellation ✔Smart Environmental Sound Enhancement ✔Environmental noise cancellation ✔Dynamic driver + balanced armature ✔Flexible ergonomic neckband ✔Magnetic clasping earpieces ✔Fast charging capabilities
Amplifier Type Hybrid
Number Of Items 1
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer
Wireless Type Bluetooth
Connector Type Bluetooth

With 1MORE’s patented sandwich driver structure, the titanium composite diaphragm with dual PET layers inside the dynamic driver produces stunning clarity in the midrange and bass. The uniquely inset balanced armature produces vivid highs with abundant detail and no signal loss.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

Switch between wireless listening with Bluetooth v4.2 and a 30 ft. wireless range or wired playback using a Type-C to 3.5 mm connection, allowing you to enjoy your music in any environment without skipping a beat. Play/pause music, control volume, and take calls using the conveniently located buttons located on the left side of the neckband. Environmental Sound Enhancement and Active Noise Cancellation can also be controlled with a simple click of a button.

Incisive Noise Cancellation (INC) technology lets in the important sounds while blocking out the annoying sounds. Multiple Environmental Sound Enhancement options allow for easier communication with other people without having to take out headphones, keeping you aware of your surroundings when walking outside or in public, and never missing an important announcement like airport gate changes or bus stops.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

A 3C battery allows for up to 3x faster charging speed, making sure you are always free to enjoy your music. 10 minutes of charging allows for 3 hours of playback, and a full charge will let you enjoy 7 hours of music play or talk time.

Now, let us get to what all this means for you when you are using the 1MORE ANC BT in-ear headphones. Because, at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. So how does the sound from the 1MORE ANC BT In-Ear headphones match up?

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

This headset has very pronounced and good physical dynamic impact (kick factor/slam). With that very smooth signature you also get a longing for more depth to the response itself over time and I could see that this one delivers brilliant depth to the response.

I’ve found that this one remains relatively smooth up to +4dB. And that is a good thing if you want your smoothness factor.I was unable to detect any bleed into the mids and no serious problems at all when boosted. You can get a smidgen more, but not much, when EQ’ed. What that means is bass and mids are clearly differentiated and delivered. And for you, it’s like rediscovering your music library again.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset

If mellow is the genre of sound or music that you enjoy, well, look no further. This is a fantastic headset for kicking back and relaxing with some old school vocals, Big Band genre types and  some good old Sinatra if you get what I mean. Quality is sublime for the price and it amazes me how 1MORE has been consistently delivered over time here. Fidelity is great and impressive for this headset in the mid-range, clean and crisp. This headset very definitely gets a massive thumbs up for offering a nicely subdued, calming effect when listening to mid-centered music. I like it.

1MORE seems to ensure that you get the tune with style and class, and the subtle flare is also impressive. With this headset, the dynamic slam is low, which then leads to the set feeling  getting more relaxed. And that is a good thing. The quality factor for the price is just impressive to say it in one word. Absolutely no complains at all. Very nearly perfect.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC BT Headset


If you are an audiophile and someone who believes that your headset is your window into clear and crisp musical experiences, this one is definitely for you. At a price of ₹ 10,749  the 1MORE ANC BT is undoubtedly the Best-in-class headset with active noise cancelling. It has my vote for the best one I have used so far.

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