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HR Team

The Evolving Role Of Recruiters In Todays Tech Landscape

Traditionally, the recruitment team has been the poster child of HR functions.  Just think back to the pre-LinkedIn and Facebook era, when tapping into a network was a skill that …

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Five Good Headphones That Are Affordable

We saw the great CES 2017 showcasing some of the craziest of technology with price-points in lakhs… Although they might be the best in class but they are certainly not …

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Fitness Goals

Retail And Loyalty Trends For 2017

The Indian Retail Industry has undergone a paradigm shift from a product-oriented industry to a more marketing focused industry with the ‘customer’ taking center stage. The customer today is spoiled …

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OnePlus 3 Soft Gold On Table

Here’s What YouTube Served Up In 2016

2016 was the year when sidekick became the superhero – yes you guessed it right – Kabali ruled the charts to become top trending movie trailer. Kapil Sharma show featuring …

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oneplus 3 leaning

Ode to Lesvos – Humanity Above All

Johnnie Walker The Journey, has always told inspiring and true stories of progress where the human spirit kept walking. Through Storyline, Johnnie Walker The Journey aims to inspire people by …

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