Zenfone 3 Front and Top
Zenfone 3 Max Rear Perspective

Intex Cloud S9 Review: Good VFM Backup Phone

Intex is a fast growing Indian smartphone brand. They are mostly focused on catering to the price conscious average indian buyer who looks to get maximum value for every rupee …

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Reos Lite Smart LED Review: Bang For The Buck

Smart LED lights are all the rage now. Everyone wants them, they save energy and still manage to a variety of things that normal lights cannot do. The mainstream models …

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tbook rear

Smartron t.book Review: Classy Performer And Clean Looker

Smartron is one of the keenly watched indian startups that has bucked the trend to get into software and ventured into hardware boldly. They started operations in 2014 and when …

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ASUS ZenFone 3 Review: Nearly Flawless Workhorse

ASUS has launched a new series of phones ZenFone 3. The device has a premium design and is a feature-packed smartphone. This is part of the new iteration of the iconic series which …

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side view with screen