Traffline – A must have app for #Bengaluru

If you live in Bengaluru like me, you will know that the most important factor in deciding the sanity or stress levels in your day is the traffic! There are days when you get a free line right through to office (these happen once in a blue moon) and then there are the most other days when there is bumper to bumper traffic and everything moves at a snails pace. Those are the days that you tear your hair out in your car, the client meeting, boss waiting, nothing matters, the traffic on the road controls your destiny and your sanity! I found an app called Traffline that can help with this problem. Let us look at this app today.

Traffline combines maps and live traffic data to give you a correct idea of what route to take to get from A to B and how congested that route is. There are multiple routes suggested and you can choose one based on what you feel comfortable with.


The install was simple and painless. After the install, the app asks you to switch on location services if they are not already on. Then you get a simple UI where you tell the app that you want to go from A to B. Then the app takes the routes available and gives you a list of routes, sorted by increasing order of congestion.


You then select the route that you prefer and the map clearly guides you to the destination



Note the color coding on the maps. As far as color coding is concerned, Red shows that traffic is really slow whereas Green shows a smooth ride. It sounds neat in theory and is true in practice as well. The most interesting feature for me is the congestion indicator at the bottom of the map. And like all people in Bengaluru, I tend to take drive time estimates with a pinch of salt. So I don’t mind them being a little off target! I must say that the app is very simple, useful and handy for todays commuters who are stressed due to congestion.

One problem with the app is that it works only in a few cities now, – they are-  Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi,  Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. We need to get more cities covered.

Our ratings for the App are below. Verdict – a must have app!

Traffline App
  • Install
  • UI
  • Functionality
  • City Coverage
  • Congestion Accuracy
  • Drive Time estimate

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