Light Notebook debuts in India


March 05, 2015: Light Notebook has made its global debut in India with the launch of its mobile app; an app that helps record, organize and, share your life, privately.

Our digital life is spread across a lot of platforms; including social networks, messaging software, e-mail accounts etc. What if one could use one platform to perform all of these functions: record memories, organize notes, create your own private network, and share your life privately? Light Notebook does just that: ‘records, organizes and lets you share your digital life in one digital asset, privately’.


Commenting on the occasion, Paolo Schellino, Founder & CEO, Light Notebook Inc. said, “India is most definitely a key market for us. The country has over 200 million internet users today, according to a recent study. In addition to this, platforms like Evernote and WhatsApp have seen a whopping 200% increase in the number of users since 2013; this shows the pace at which technology adoption is taking place in the country. Light Notebook is an improved form of life sharing, privately.”


Having raised $1.5 million of funds till date, the company is targeting to reach 500,000 users by mid-2016. The goal is to reach 25 million users by the end of 2020. Furthermore, Light Notebook is looking to raise $1.5 million in a Series A Preferred Stock round of financing for 20%. The proceeds of the financing will be used to hire additional employees, continued development on the software, and marketing.


Some unique features of Light Notebook-included in the mobile app-include:

  • All messages are organized into comments in notes and folders, instead of existing as a single continuous stream – this means you can search for subject-specific conversation
  • A Note can contain many documents and various types of documents which can be saved in a single shared note
  • Ability to share one’s entire account with others – gives you a pre-generated password that you have to save in a secure place. Once the person that has received the credentials inserts them into his account, he will be able to access all your Notes, Files and Contacts
  • And many more reasons why!




Commenting on the partnership with Light Notebook, Raju Bannur, Chief Solutions Officer, Polaris Consulting & Services Limited said, “We are delighted to partner with Light Notebook for the development of this collaborative platform on the mobile that now runs on both, iOS and Android. Our rich design thinking experience, and the ability to build agile & secure platforms, have helped us design a smart and responsive mobile app with a rich user-experience that would enable over 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide; to record, organize and share their lives, privately and on the go.”


The Light Notebook mobile app is now available in Google Play Store for android users and, in App Store Apple users, both under the name ‘Light Notebook’. In addition to this, you can register online from your desktop on

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