New languages and adaptive layouts for SwiftKey

From today SwiftKey Keyboard for Android brings adaptive new keyboard layouts to their Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi  and Nepali languages. These new layouts will allow their users to write more quickly and easily in these languages.


Exciting for speakers of these languages to get their hands on these interesting new layouts! Also upgraded are the core auto-correct and prediction features, this is another step in fulfilling the SwiftKey company mission that technology should adapt to users, not the other way round.


SwiftKey have spent a long time analyzing user behavior and conducting research so that they could improve significantly on the standard layouts currently in the market. One of the biggest changes they have made is re-imagining the keyboard in an intuitive new way, not unlike how you would learn the alphabet at school.


Top changes include:

  • Updates to the top row of vowels so they become contextually relevant
  • Intuitive layouts for Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Nepali and Marathi keyboards
  • Numbers in both roman and local script are available on the number pad, which has also become more intuitive


All languages that use the Devanagari, Tamil and Gujarati scripts will benefit from our new keyboard layouts that have been devised using this cutting-edge technology. Tamil, Gujarati, Nepali and Marathi keyboards will also include Emoji Prediction for the first time. The new market release also brings the total number of Indian languages to 22. Our new additions are Bodo, Dogri, Kashmiri, Konkani (in both Devanagari and Kannada scripts), Maithili, Manipuri, Sanskrit, Santali and Sindhi.


Other new product highlights include:

  • SwiftKey Hub, designed to be the home for all the content and features you use most often. The Hub makes it easy for you to configure SwiftKey exactly the way you want it
  • New ‘Carbon’ default theme – a combination of the Minimal and Material themes, and aims to visually capture the sleekness and speed of SwiftKey
  • An exciting new collaboration with Dashlane, which will help to securely predict exactly when you need your passwords and make them instantly accessible


Swiftkey has hit support for 22 languages and introduced interesting new layouts in the latest market release along with a variety of other performance improvements.

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