An App for getting married? Yes! There is one!

Getting married is truly a magical affair. Planning a wedding on the other hand can require you to be a magician – creating guest lists, sending wedding invitations, updating people and coordinating with them. Though it is hectic, but these would be some of the most beautiful memories of your life. What if, there was a way to make this planning simple and trouble-free? To our relief, an incredible Wedding App, Shaadisaga is ‘Just launched’ for soon to be married couples. Yes! Your smartphone can help you get married!


Shaadisaga App is a fun and easy way for couples to share, plan & celebrate their wedding journey with their guests. It’s a personalized app to send wedding Invitation to the guests, keep them updated with all the wedding details like- events, locations and gather all the memories at one place, once they join your wedding app. You can see your wedding from the standpoint of your guests and collect wedding photos from all your guests in the app. If you love photos & weddings, you’ll love the Shaadisaga App! And, all it takes to create your wedding app is just 5 minutes.


Once your guests have downloaded the app, they can interact with guests from both sides, share stories & photos. They can see the event details and stay updated with all the wedding details. Guests can be a part of multiple weddings from a single app, using a unique identifying code for each wedding. The feature ‘get directions’ will  assist your guests to reach the destination hassle-free.


“It is our constant aim at Shaadisaga to find new ways to leverage technology and make the wedding planning more efficient and convenient. The launch of this app is a step forward in the direction. It helps to bring all  the wedding excitement to a single place, that is your phone and make weddings a lot more fun. The couple can pull together hundred of wedding photos from their guest’s phone and get to see their own wedding through their guest’s perspective,” said Himanshu Kapsime, Co-founder & CEO,


Some of the features of the app are:

  • A new way to Invite Guests to your wedding
  • Guests can choose the side, bride or groom
  • Unique Wedding code to identify your wedding
  • Collect photos from all your guests
  • Event directions for guests
  • ‘Contact host’ option
  • Wedding website to access wedding from desktop


Download the app now from Google Playstore:

To know more about the app:


About Shaadisaga:

Shaadisaga is a one stop wedding planning solution for couples getting married. Our aim is to make wedding planning convenient and efficient at every step, from engagement to honeymoon.

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