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Every smartphone user has one nightmare to deal with daily, and that is the phone running out of juice in the middle of a hectic day. So it is now customary to lug a power bank around wherever you go.  And once that became an everyday reality, a lot of manufacturers started making really powerful power banks and pricing them aggressively too! ASUS has thrown their hat in the ring here with the ZenPower – a credit card sized power bank.


ASUS ZenPower 10050: The Specs

  • The new high-density battery cells have a capacity of up to 10050mAh. They can fully charge a ZenFone 2 more than 2 times, iPhone 6 for than 3 times, iPhone 6 Plus for more than 2 times and a Nexus 7 more than once.
  • 8×10″ (20×25 cm) one-piece aluminum alloy outer casing with brushed metal finish
  • USB sensor good for up to 5,000 uses. Durable and reliable.
  • Output: 5.1V / 2.4A
  • Supports an input charge of up to 5V, 2A. Charges quickly.
  • ZenPower is the size of a business card. At 215g, it’s easy to carry around.

Available in Black/Silver/Gold/Blue/Hot Pink

ZenPower’s surface is about as big as a business card, and it takes up about the same amount of room as a box of business cards. ZenPower is a high-capacity mobile charger with a lightweight, compact body.


ZenPower has a single USB port that is used for both powering up and charging your phone. It can provide output of up to 2.4A and input of up to 2A. It also has a power indicator. The switch has an automatic sensor that turns ZenPower on when it detects that a device is plugged in. ZenPower will automatically turn itself off after some time after charging is complete or a device is unplugged.

ZenPower is equipped with 11 different safety features, including Short circuit Protection, Reset Protection, Output over Voltage Protection and others that are seen in the other brands. However, one safety feature that caught my attention is the JEITA protection that is built into this power bank. This feature is based on the surrounding temperature, ZenPower smartly adjust the voltage and current to increase the life of ZenPower up to 1.8 times longer than others.

In addition to those safety features, ZenPower is also certified with 6 international Safety certification including CE, UL, CB, BSMI, EAC and TISI, which means that ZenPower is really a safe portable power bank for your daily use.

As for the pricing, the ZenPower’s Silver, Pink, Blue, and Gold color variants are priced at Rs. 1,499, while the Black color variant is priced at Rs. 1,599.

I tried it with the ZenFone 2 and was able to charge it roughly two and a half times with this power pack! Here are the full specs for your reference!

Dimensions 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm
Weight 215g
Battery Type Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
Input Power DC 5V 2.0A
Output Power DC 5.1V 2.4A
Capacities 3.6V/10500mAh
Rating Capacities 5V/6400mAh
Charging Time 6hrs with 5V/2A standard cable
Features Load Detection: Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices
Safety Features 1. Temperature Protection

2. Short circuit Protection

3. Reset Protection

4. Input over Voltage Protection

5. Output over Voltage Protection

6. Input reverse direction protection

7. Over charge/over discharge protection

8. Output Over Current Protection

9. Cell PTC Protection

10. Adapter protection

11. JEITA Protection

Charging temperature 0℃-40℃ (TYP)
Working temperature -40℃~+70℃
Color Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold

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