Rokitt Women Entrepreneurs International Launched

Rokitt Women Entrepreneurs International Launched

Bengaluru, July 23: Rokitt Women Entrepreneurs International (WEI) launched its city chapter at Shailendra Tech Park office in Whitefield. Aspiring women entrepreneurs joined the ranks of successful women entrepreneurs, to showcase their creative products and expand their communication lines, besides supporting other women entrepreneurs.

Rokitt Women Entrepreneurs International Launched

The participants also networked with WEI mentors to get legal assistance, financial support, training and mentoring.

  1. Harani of Vibha Education Services said, “Women still like to be in comfort zone, they always think of family first, I say you come out from your cocoon, explore there are lots of things to do. I am happy to be at the Women Entrepreneurs International (WEI) event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to network.”

Another participant, Rajani, a freelance writer says, “it’s her first experience to meet wonderful people, for the past twenty I have been confined to my own world, meeting very select number of my family and friends. I am happy to see women coming out and learning about how to do business, I was looking forward for such events for a long time.

Women Entrepreneurs International (WEI) is a global initiative aimed at developing and promoting women entrepreneurs. It focuses on tangible services to help women launch, run and expand their businesses.

WEI offers specific services such as building a business plan, securing funding, registering the company, legal and accounting activities, launching website and promoting their products.

WEI support includes educational tools, skills workshops, and legal and accounting services, marketing and web development support.

Networking opportunities and skills workshops that allow women to connect with and learn from industry experts.

Social responsibility commitment, with a focus on increasing women’s safety and wellness through providing self-defense training, fitness boot camps and continued education, are other key elements of WEI initiatives.

Speaking on the occasion, Rupa Boddu Head US Chapter WEI said, “I am convinced that with real tangible support, women will be sufficiently enabled to start and expand their businesses and become more independent and empowered.”

“WEI has established key partnerships with vendors to scale up it services and deliver tangible results,“ she said, adding “Our goal is to equip women with the skills and resources that will allow them to become successful entrepreneurs in a global economy.”

Rokitt Women Entrepreneurs International Launched

Mahalakshmi Saravanan, co-founder of Rokitt Women Entrepreneurs International and head of India Chapter, spoke on latest marketing trend. “Transparency is most important tool of marketing,” she said emphasizing on the use of technology in running successful business venters.

Rokitt Inc develops digital products for consumers and also drives solutions for enterprises to enable more efficient technology delivery. It implements solutions that empower its customers to solve the problem at hand and make it possible to move on to the next level of transformation.

Women Entrepreneurs International WEI is a key drive by ROKITT Inc to expand the women’s empowerment initiative globally, targeting to impact more than 1 million women over the next few years.

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