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There are millions of internet users across the nation. Most of them use social media platforms but the impact of blogging is often overlooked. Blogs are an integral part of the online culture. A recent survey by a social media agency stated that 20% of all internet users engage in blogging activities and willingly take up blogging as their preferred career of choice or a part time source of income.




In actuality most of the online population reads blogs, whether they are “official” news blogs associated with traditional news media, topic based blogs related to one’s passion or hobby, or blogs developed purely for the sake of entertainment. Nowadays, people have started blogging about topics related to their passions or hobbies more than ever, resulting in a number of blogs based on popular lifestyle and culture subjects like beauty, music, art, gadget, sports etc.

Many online users write blogs on a part-time basis in a bid to give time to their passion and it is an icing on the cake for them to earn through these blogs. There are many bloggers who have taken up blogging as a full time career and are professional bloggers now and are minting money through their blogs. They have opted to earn through writing about their passions or interests. As per a study an average blogger who has been blogging on a part time basis earns around Rs. 5,000 per month. If he blogs full time, then his earnings could rise up to Rs. 20,000 per month and an experienced professional blogger earns over Rs. 40,000 monthly. As a matter of fact, in blogging initially you do not make money so easily. Even to earn a penny one has to work hard for many months.

However once a person has an established blog with a substantial reach, there are many ways to earn through blogging. One can host advertisements on their blog. Paid articles can be published on the blogs but to get advertisers to advertise on your blog or to reach out to people who are eager to post on your page. But still at the start, one has to work a lot to increase the reach of the blog. Higher the reach of your blog the more you will earn. There are many ways through which one can increase the reach of a page, like writing about a topic that you are knowledgeable or passionate about on appropriate platform. There are many online tools such as Google Keywords tool, which can help you to get appropriate keywords, which will in turn increase reach of your blog. Appropriate SEO and SEM increases traffic on your blogs which in return, increase the clicks on your blog. Increased clicks and reach of your blog attracts advertisers to advertise on your blog which increases your earnings. For this one has to update their blog on a regular basis and thecontent should be original, interactive and attractive.

So it is clear that we can make good money by blogging about our passion. There are an ever-increasing number of people making money from blogging at part-time or full-time basis. So start your blog now and write about the thing you love the most and earn your living through it.


This is a guest post by  Mr. Tarun Bansal, Founder and MD of  Blue Pigeon Image Management Pvt. Ltd. He can be reached at @ask_tarun on twitter.

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