Telangana & AP to have technophilic Intelligence Departments

In a recent move, Telangana & AP Intelligence departments have tied – up with a cloud based business automation solution provider, Plumsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The later will deploy automated background verification system for government employees of both the states. With this automated platform, Telangana & AP will become India’s 1st states to have technologically advanced Intelligence Departments.

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This cloud based platform will centralize all the employee data from across different government organizations thereby, making background verification process and access hassle-free.

Key efficiencies of this platform –

  • Reduce the background verification process from months to days
  • Simplify the process of background verification through online coordination between various concerned departments
  • Real-time visibility into the progress and work loads
  • Eliminate duplication information, as all the data will be synchronized at one place
  • Highly secure and yet accessible from anywhere

AP Intelligence SP, Mrs. N.S.J. Laxmi, shared her views about PlumWare and said, “Employee verification is a critical part of recruitment process in government sector. Accurate result with minimum human interference was imperative. With Plumware’s competency, our department can now update and monitor background verifications in no time. This application has enabled us to focus on other compelling issues.”

Mr. N. Shiva shankar reddy, Intelligence SP, Telangana said, “It is impressive to see the ease Plumware has brought to our employee background verification process. It is an outstanding user – friendly application that imparts results with utmost security.  With this automation, we can now utilize our resources more efficiently. Going forward, we hope to automate other similar processes with Plumware.”

Sharing his views on this tie – up, Mr. J.V.R.K Sastry, CTO, Plumsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. said, “As citizens, we have immense respect for police officials as they ensure law, order and peace in a state. It is important for such government departments to have technologically advanced support systems that can increase their efficiency and accuracy and reduce time. With our cloud based platform Plumware, we have reduced errors and scope for security compromises which was a concern for the police department. Government employee details can now be uploaded on a common platform online instead of information exchange over posts or e-mails.”

This platform will be deployed to respective police departments this year and is expected to cover details from across 22 locations initially.

About Plumsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Plumsoft Solutions is a leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions. Based out of Hyderabad, Plumsoft works on a simple philosophy that technology should enable efficiency. Its Cloud Development platform – Plumware is the result of this philosophy.

Plumsoft has combined more than 30 years of experience in developing business applications across different technology platforms by some of the best minds to develop innovative cloud technology that is simple, robust and flexible. With the new technology, Plumsoft has completely eliminated the need for customers to make large upfront investments for software, hardware, middleware, database and the elongated implementations and complex, costly upgrades.

Another product, PlumERP that is built on Plumware platform is a cloud-based enterprise application that combines a lower cost of ownership with an innovative technology and approach for enterprises. PlumERP is the only cloud based ERP that provides complete unified suite of solutions that cover Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management, Procurement Management, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance and Quality Control applications designed for today’s organizations and the way people work.

Delivered in the cloud and leveraging a modern technology platform, Plumsoft offers a fresh alternative to traditional solutions.

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