ASUS Zenpad 8.0 First Impressions


ASUS has for a while now been delivering well thought out devices with good specs and aggressive pricing. At a time when the phablets and flagships have almost finished off the tablet segment, ASUS has come out with a new range of tablets. They have shed the earlier name of PhonePad and now gone with ZenPad. We had early access to this device and here are the first impressions


The device keeps with the nice and pleasing designs that ASUS has been delivering. The back is finished like a purse/wallet with premium matte material. The possibility of this device slipping from your hand is very minimal and it feels good to handle

ZenPad Camera

The display is very impressive. The device has been designed with media consumption and productivity enhancement in mind. Hence there are hardware additions to facilitate the same. For example the image processing is very much like your regular HD TV, thanks to the chip inside. The material for the display is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and is pretty tough. Noticeably the front panel has glass all over it from edge to edge. When the power is off, it kinda looks like a mirror.

Audio Cover

In line with the theory to augmenting and enhancing media consumption, ASUS has gone and made a dedicated audio cover for this device that effectively transforms this into a miniature boom box. Slip on the audio back cover and you get crystal clear 5.1 channel sound from the device that can easily be clearly heard across a full presentation hall. That was impressive. The Matte finish and the material used are top class

The images and videos has good and crisp colors. No lags, no issues. We will check it in detail when we do a full review soon.

But going by what we saw, it looks like an interesting entry into the tablet segment. More in the review.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Hands-On review, we don’t believe in or do those. These are a collection of our thoughts after we spent a few days with the device. The device was with us and not in a brand controlled environment.

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