Architecture and Attitude: Amazing Journey


I am not an architect and up until now, I believed that the subject was too complicated and tough and frankly a tad bit boring too. When I got a chance to go through this book, all that changed. I now have a healthy respect for architects and I almost feel like I understand a bit of the journey of an architect and how he or she actually crafts this world of stability and beauty that surrounds us. The book has now piqued my interest in this tough discipline.


Founded in the year 2000, studio archohm is a leading Indian architecture and design firm, known for its versatile and multifaceted work and out-of-the-box innovations in design. Both as a physical and a philosophical place, through its hardware and software, archohm represents a dialogue, a collage, of materials, forms, feelings, functions and inspirations. And their acclaimed studio in NCR of Delhi, c28c, reflects their design ethos.

In this book, we get to see how studio archohm conceived c28c with a first principle approach to ensure an effective and efficient architectural solution. From concept to construction, every detail was dwelled upon so as to express and exhibit the environment-conscious philosophy of the office. A live canvas, the exhibit of materials, colors, textures and play of forms, make the studio a three-dimensional design laboratory and library. And the book does full and magnificent justice to this process. One feels totally involved and almost like a part of their team.

This well though out and illustrated book shows how their architecture is conceived through volumes and forms, materials and light. It very nicely and crisply narrates how they met challenges and neatly resolved the many complicated and tough issues and took on the responsibility of bringing out the building’s architecture and its attitude in a contemporary Indian context. It shares the story of a gratifying journey of the design process and demonstrates how life can be lived through design.

The studio itself that we experience with the text and visuals in the book is simply lovely. The design thought, the inspiration and the people in it, all come to the fore so nicely.

At the middle portion I almost felt like I had been a semester learning architecture. The narration is plain and simple. Very organic. The entire journey is amazing and wonderful. The main thing that made me happy was that I could almost touch and feel the structures in the illustrations. No effort has been spared in making the experience premium. Even the paper that this one is printed on is classy! I loved the journey! Makes an excellent coffee table book that has a great insight into the nuanced art of architecture and the right mix of attitude


Some Quotes that I found interesting in the book :

  • ‘The composite cohesion of both learning and practice comes together in the archohm beehive as a living and evolving example’ – Aman Nath, Co-founder, Neemrana Hotels
  • ‘Buildings, just like people, have a personality. To me, the archohm building is one of these rare personalities that make you feel that you are best friends from the moment you meet. The building challenges you to express yourself, to show who you are and to feel good about it.’ – I.R. Marieke H. Sonneveld, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology
  • ‘The headquarters of archohm is a very impressive building which represents the creative work emerging from this place’ – Marc Zehntner, Director, Vitra Design Museum

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