CREO Mark 1: The Christian Bale of Android phones?

CREO – a Bangalore based tech startup that is in the mobile devices space has just blown everyone’s mind! They have promised to make your phone look new every month! Yes they have! And given their track record with Teewe devices, I am inclined to take them seriously. Read on to find out more!

Here is the teaser that the team has shared today

And this basically has ignited a lot of ideas and very engaged debate around this device now. The teaser carefully avoids showing details. My read of the teaser and my expectations are as follows.

  1. CREO is looking at the right thing – THE EXPERIENCE
  2. The focus on changing to a different phone every month is a clear indication that it is not just going to be UI skin, given our experience with team – the have deep dived into the OS , also it may not be about just a cosmetic change, it can be a real and proper OS change.
  3. Given the screen that is visible – it is a minimum of 5.5 inches
  4. The display shows a feel very close to stock Android
  5. Earlier teasers have indicated a very interestingly designed volume rocker that is very very refreshingly new
  6. The animation sequence for the update indicates that these updates will not be teensy!

CREO Mark 1 - #ANewPhoneEveryMonth 2

Here is what the company says :

At CREO, we’re committed to #MakeBetter Android. And because we want to leave no stone unturned, we’re building both, the Operating System and the Smartphone. With our OS, we’ll send to our users super relevant updates that’ll keep Mark 1 running as just new. And not just that, we’ll also ship a big new feature with every update. These updates will be an industry-first update system, driven by the ideas and suggestions given by Mark 1’s community of users. With its users at the core of their Brand promise, CREO aims to make Android better with features that aren’t available on any other Android device

That has piqued my imagination a lot more. So, the focus is on performance, features and experience! That is the bucket list that anyone – techie or not has for their phones!

CREO Mark 1 - #ANewPhoneEveryMonth 1

My experience as a reviewer and a user of Teewe has been that these guys listen, they don’t sell and forget, after they listen, they do something about it! If they could take a streaming stick and do that, they will simply blow the mind and keep you totally happy with a smartphone.

My message to CREO – May the force be with you guys! Get ready to take my money! I am expecting nothing short of the Christian Bale of smartphones from you! Bring it on!

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