Bengaluru Continues To Attract India’s Best Mobile Talent

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With the exponential growth of India’s mobile economy, the e-commerce industry has emerged as a lucrative career destination for mobile developers in India.  Developers employed in e-commerce firms enjoy twice the salary and monetary benefits in comparison to their counterparts in the IT Services & Software companies across the nation, according to the India Mobile Talent 2016 Report released by Belong, a data-driven talent acquisition platform.

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The India Mobile Talent 2016 Report focuses on key aspects, including total talent pool size, talent spread by platforms, sectors attracting the most talent, and cities that have emerged as leading hubs. The report found that in India, iOS mobile talent is making inroads in a market dominated by Android mobile developers who comprise over 70% of the total pool. The study found that Bengaluru continues to be India’s most popular destination, hosting 25% the total talent pool, followed by Delhi NCR (17%) and Hyderabad (10%), positioning South India as a leading hub for mobile talent.

Highlights from the India Mobile Talent Landscape Report 2016:

Report Summary

People Insights

  • Android developers dominate the mobile talent talent pool at 72%
  • Majority of mobile developers bring 2-5 years of work experience
  • Demand trumps supply with the median tenure in a company for mobile developers across all experience levels being just 1.5 Years
  • Bengaluru emerges as the best place to hire leadership talent. 71% of talent in Delhi has under 5 years of experience while 40% of the talent in Bengaluru has over 5 years of experience
  • Contrary to popular presumptions, regional universities trump top tier national universities, with a majority of the mobile talent hailing from universities such as Visvesvaraya Technological University, Anna University, University of Pune, and not the IITs
  • Github, Stackoverflow emerge as top niche networks to find mobile developers


industry insights

Industry Insights

  • Across cities, mobile developers employed in e-commerce and Internet companies enjoy almost twice the salary benefits compared to their counterparts in IT Services companies
  • While e-commerce companies pay more, IT Services and Computer Software companies together contribute to 67% of the workforce. Samsung, Amazon and Accenture feature among top employers of mobile talent in India
  • While IT Services companies are the dominant employers in the mobile talent space, 53% of the talent they lose joins companies in Computer Software and Computer Hardware. 37% is picked up by companies in the Internet, Saas and E-commerce segments.

geo insights

experience insights

Geo Insights

  • Together, tech hubs Bangalore and NCR contribute the lion’s share of the country’s mobile developer talent. While Bangalore holds the definitive lead for both Android and iOS talent, at 28% and 20% respectively, NCR follows close at nearly 18% for both categories
  • Major chunk of the talent mobility is present, and moves between Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi/ NCR
  • Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Indore, Cochin and Chandigarh contribute to 10% of India’s mobile talent workforce. Ahmedabad tops the list of emerging cities, with 4.5% of the total mobile developer workforce, with much of its inflow and outflow happening between the nearby cities of Pune and Mumbai
  • Given the large concentration of well-funded e-commerce and Internet companies in Bangalore and NCR, companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Zomato have emerged as top employers of mobile talent in these cities


About the report

The India Mobile Talent 2016 Report was undertaken based on a representative, randomized sample set of 25000+ mobile developers taken from Belong’s platform, comprising publicly available and curated profiles. The study focuses on aspects including the total talent pool size, platforms developers work on, which sectors are attracting the most talent and which cities have become leading hubs. The study seeks to shed light on the dynamics of the mobile talent landscape and provide insights that would enable companies to hire the right talent for their mobile needs.

About Belong

Belong is a smart outbound hiring platform that helps companies discover and hire top talent at the right time. The company’s hiring solution leverages big data and predictive analytics to help growing companies spot candidates who best fit their requirements, and engage them through persuasive candidate experiences that are personalized and delivered at scale.

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