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With the 8th June event by LeEco drawing closer, rumors are rife about what to expect from the big ticket event that they are planning. Some say handsets, some say headsets, some say VR and then there is this interesting chatter about LeEco bringing in their own e-commerce setup – LeMall into India.

LeMall.com, first launched in Mainland China in 2013, is not only a leading online shopping destination in China but has also proved a force to be reckoned with to be highly successful during LeEco’s initial global expansion thus far, to the US & Hong Kong. LeMall’s product line-up includes Smartphones, Smart TVs, Reverse In-Ear Headphones, All-Metal Earphones, Leme Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Speaker, and much more that LeEco is going to launch in India. The LeMe E-commerce Festival led by LeMall has become the third largest B2C online shopping festival in China, covering 20.69 million users in the week from Sep 14 to Sept 20, 2015, setting the single-brand single-day TV sales quantity and value records in China’s e-commerce industry. It also set the single-brand single-day flagship phone sales quantity and value records in the e-commerce industry. In May 2015, LeMall sold 500K Le Superphones in one day, setting the single-day flagship phone sales quantity record and recorded upto 7.6 million users online on spike hour. Similarly, in November 2015, it sold 500K Le1S phones in one hour, setting a new record in China.

And there’s more evidence to back this. LeEco has reapplied with the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) to open single brand retail stores in India. In India, single brand retail stores are also allowed to take ecommerce route for such trading. So it is natural that after getting the single brand retail license, LeEco will most likely launch its own brand online stores and its own e-commerce platform.

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Some industry veterans are connecting the dots between LeEco’s last event in Mumbai with the company’s plans of launching LeMall. LeEco recently announced that as part of its Membership Program that comes bundled with Le 1s Eco, all LeEco members would get 3000 LeMall coupons. That has spurred rumors among industry veterans and analysts that the launch of LeMall is just round the corner!

LeEco is moving very swiftly in India. Within few months of its India launch, LeEco has successfully made a mark in the Indian smartphone market by bringing in various elements of its Ecosystem. So far, the company has introduced its three very popular phones in the market, Le 1s, Le Max and Le 1s Eco that have been well received by the users and have made industry records in ways more than one.

Following this, it also recently launched its Supertainment Membership Program which includes content, experience and service. It only seems logical now that the next big announcement by LeEco would be another addition to its ecosystem cycle. While there are numerous speculations in the air at the moment around what LeEco will launch at the upcoming event, there are reasons to believe that the company will surely give its users a peak into its futuristic plans.

Among various rumors that are taking rounds in the industry, one is that at the upcoming grand event slated for June 8th, 2016 LeEco will announce its entry into the e-commerce space by bringing in LeMall, its official e-commerce platform. However, industry experts have varied opinions. Some believe, June 8th will be a curtain raiser to a futuristic technology in the audio space. On the other hand, others feel that LeEco will either launch its VR headsets or its second generation products.



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