PokeMon GO and Le Max 2 – Way to go!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm, people are forgetting to eat, sleep and work! They’re all busy running around with their mobiles chasing these fantastic creatures. The game is a clever mix of the real world and a bunch of wildly popular unreal characters, that mix makes it interesting. I tried this with a Le Max2 and simply loved it!


Pokemon Go

First up, the game is just incredible when you look at the numbers that it has garnered so far. It is all set to topple all major websites and even popular social networks when it comes to the number of registered and active users. The number is just rising and rising like Virat Kohli’s batting average. The heady mix of moving around and finding these creatures coupled with PokeWalks with friends is making this one almost a social movement. Americans are converting to the metric system just to play this one. Many decades and centuries of other compelling reasons didn’t work.

The other bigger change that is happening is the fact that people are actually walking the extra mile quite literally and getting out of their homes. Other games keep them phone-bound, this one just keeps getting more people out. The fact that PokeStops are getting overcrowded notwithstanding.

Let’s now come to the device I used, The Le Max 2. I totally enjoyed my PokeWalks mostly owing to the device. While the game is quite literally mind-blowing, the hardware on the device plays an important role in the whole experience. Let me tell you how.

Life gets sticky on a PokeWalk if your device does not have enough memory and starts stuttering. That is the last thing that anyone wants when she/he is out looking for magical creature stitched into your real world.  And my Le Max 2 has 6 GB RAM. Believe me, it sounds like I am showing off, but the reality is, it helps a ton. Imagine you trying to catch a Pikachu and the phone lagging! You get my point right?

Snapdragon 820 along with 6GB of RAM. The combination helps you enjoy the best game experience. What’s more there is a 3,100mAh battery that can give you extended play time! Why is the processor important, well, any app runs better with an efficient processor and the Snapdragon 820 is the most powerful now, so that’s that.

The battery quite simply dictates the exact length of your PokeWalk and it is very sad if you have to be constrained by the juice in your phone, Le Max2 scores very well there and lasts quite a bit.

Call me a nitpicker, but my personal belief is that any Augmented reality experience is only as good as your device’s camera. After all, it is the camera that shows the real world in vivid detail. It is into this real world that the app stitches in these fantastic creatures from another dimension. And again, the rear camera of the Le Max 2 simply stands up and performs without reason for any complaint here. The Big screen helps too.

So, I loved my PokeMon Go experience thanks in large part to my Le Max 2! Tell me about yours!


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