Why the Vivo V3 Is A Great Device For Music Lovers

V3 Slanted

Vivo is a company that has set its footprint very strongly in India and gone on to capture a sizable chunk of the public imagination. They have been known to make devices that are designed well and particularly impressive when it comes to music. They were the title sponsors for the IPL and created quite the amount of buzz with that association. The V3 is a great device if you are an audiophile and here is why

V3 Slanted

Before we get into the audio and music angle of the device, let me tell you upfront that because we are highlighting the music and sound capabilities of the device, by no means is it a slouch in other departments. It is a device that has an efficient processor and fast memory. It has 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. It has expansion slot for supporting upto 128 GB via microSD card. The camera is impressive, can focus fast and churn out good pictures. So, it is a very good value for money proposition for anyone. The performance gives you no reason to complain either. So let’s get that ot of the way first.

Coming to the main point of this post, the device is simply superlative when it comes to the way it handles music. The reason for that is under the hood. . It comes with an AK4375 Hi-Fi chip, which is used for creating Hi-Fi sound quality of cinematic DTS 7.1 standard. What does this mean in simple english? Well, when you play music on this one, it feels like you are sitting in front of the singer in a hall and actually hearing it live.

The bass is not over the top. All the right levels for all the sounds and even lightest instruments are very clearly heard. Some of my old tracks sounded very refreshingly different when I played them on the V3.  The audio DAC that we mentioned earlier lives up to it’s brief and goes above that. What I did was to try and change all possible ways to make sounds come out differently and see how they sound. I have to say that the V3 delivers and delivers consistently.

Vivo V3

Vivo is now very well known for its audio DACS and the way their phones deal with music normally do well in the premium flagship segment and with the V3, they have attempted to take the same to  their mid-level offering as well. Vivo is very intelligently using the most affordable HiFi audio alternative available aka AKM AK4375 and the gamble has worked well for them, if they had tried other more powerful DACS, the price of the handset would have been very considerably higher.In summary, Vivo’s AK4375 Hi-Fi audio chip ensures that audio output is loud as well as clear. Are there better DACs and more efficient audio processors out there? Yes, definitely! But then what Vivo has done very smartly again is look at how an indian buys a phone and made it appealing to that angle too. They have done this by pricing this handset at Rs. 14,980/-. At that price point, you will not find a phone with better Hi-Fi audio support than this one. So, if you are an audiophile and have tons on music that help you to get through the day, this is the phone for you and with the festival season coming up in full swing, this device makes for a good gifting option too.

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