Google Trips: Will Radically Change Vacationing

google trips

Yesterday, Google announced something that can potentially change the way we all vacation from now onwards! Google Trips is an app that can quite literally take the mess out of planning, organizing and eventually going on vacation.

google trips

Imagine an assistant who can keep track of your flight tickets from the moment you book them, help you get alerts to get going and then track if the flight is on time or the timings have changed. Now if this assistant can also help you move around in your destination without getting overwhelmed and also help you to plan which places you want to see and what are the optimal routes to cover them. Picture this assistant not bugging you every minute and sitting silently on your phone. That is Google Trips for you! The app automatically populates flight, hotel, rental car and restaurant reservations from Gmail and is available offline. Take a look at this video from Google to know more

Google characterizes Trips as a “personalized tour guide in your pocket.” It mashes up Google data and various capabilities. The app automatically populates flight, hotel, rental car and restaurant reservations from Gmail (like Google Now). Google also says that all the content — the “entire app” — is available offline. The app also comes pre-loaded with popular itineraries based on aggregated user-visitation data. If you look at it, it is an intelligent mix of stuff that can be read from your gmail and the various features that Google already has in its app kitty.

Google said  “We’ve automatically assembled the most popular sights, attractions, and local gems into a full day’s tour — all based on historic visits by other travelers.” 

Google had acquired travel software firm ITA in 2010 promising to bring travel searchers next-generation travel tools and experiences. Then Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Marissa Mayer said that the company wanted to create consumer travel products that “solve end user problems” and “look different” from existing tools.

It looks like that move has lead to this development that can potentially change the way you and me vacation from now. We are eagerly following this development and will keep you posted on any updates in future. Stay tuned!

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