Coinsecure and OKLink Enable Remittances To India With Blockchain


During today’s IMTC Asia Conference in Delhi, India, Coinsecure’s Co-Founder and CTO, Benson Samuel, and OKLink’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jack C. Liu, announced a new partnership to bring remittances over the blockchain to India. Bitcoin is widely hailed as Money 2.0 and the future of currency going forward.


The panel, “Pioneering Remittance Opportunities & Challenges of Innovators” covered the landscape of remittance related opportunities over the blockchain. Both teams at Coinsecure and the OKCoin newly created network, OKLink, acknowledge the potential the blockchain has to transform global remittance as we know it. Both OKCoin and Coinsecure are emerging as key leaders in the Bitcoin exchange space but equally recognize the need to leverage blockchain technology to expedite and reduce the cost of daily remittance.

 “We at Coinsecure not only recognize Bitcoin as the most important application of blockchain but also its potential role in alleviating global transaction woes and expedite remittance. Coinsecure is thrilled to partner with OKLink to provide faster and cheaper services to the Indian population,”, said Benson Samuel

Since Bitcoin’s inception, the financial and remittance sectors are taking a closer look at the underlying foundation of this digital currency, the blockchain. The blockchain as an open public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions, provides an open source global platform for payment and remittance companies to utilize.

Coinsecure Co-Founder and CEO, Mohit Kalra stated, “Remittance will work over the network created by OKCoin called OKLink. It will enable Indian citizens to send or receive funds either in Bitcoin or Indian Rupees from countries around the globe such as China, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada, Philippines and many more.”

OKLink Chief Strategy Officer, Jack C. Liu stated, “Coinsecure is the leading blockchain company in India and their commitment to our network is further validation for us and our shared vision of leveraging the trust of the Blockchain to improve the end remittance experience for the Indian people.”

These services will soon be available to Indian citizens from Coinsecure’s website and thereafter from Coinsecure’s mobile application. We aim to provide the lowest fee in the industry and with a proof of work over the blockchain network. This will drop fees from the traditional 3-5% to only 0.5%.

Benson Samuel and Mohit Kalra, founded Coinsecure with the mission, “Connecting India to Bitcoin.” Coinsecure works to educate and enable individuals and businesses to leverage Bitcoin and Blockchain technology through the first and only INR based blockchain explorer, an open order book exchange with a rest API, mock trading platform/testnet, paper wallet services, an online wallet service and merchant payment gateway. Coinsecure has successfully created a strong foothold in India with the highest liquidity and volumes in India. Coinsecure’s head office is in Delhi and houses the banking, compliance, accounts, legal, management and advisory teams. The development center is in Bangalore. Coinsecure is in the process of completing a series A round with 1.2 million USD in.

 OKLink is a blockchain money transfer network that gives every remittance and payment company the same cost advantage, global reach, and speed of Western Union. Launched in August 2016, OKLink is growing rapidly and currently offers payouts in five countries, at over 100,000+ locations. New corridors are being added weekly and we expect to cover 60 countries by year end. Visit to view our current list of pay out options.

 OKLink is a venture capital backed start-up, having raised $10m in venture capital. OKLink’s sister company also runs OKCoin – the largest digital asset exchange in the world, with over one million customers in over 100 countries.

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