Twitter Business Users Can Now Indicate When They Are Online

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If you or your brand have a business page on twitter, you can easily let people know when you are available online to respond to queries. This will help brands and businesses that are looking to expand engagement and expedite customer support on twitter. Twitter announced this a few days ago in statement to the press.

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Business page owners, or businesses as they are more popularly called can now indicate when they are available online to respond to queries and issues. The profiles will also get a button that will enable users to send a DM directly from the profile page of the brand. For example, take a look at T-Mobile Support page on twitter.

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The businesses can clearly indicate when they are available, in this case, T-Mobile support is available 24/7 to take queries and respond to them. Below that you see a button that will allow people to message or DM them directly from there. This will help the businesses and brands to better support and attend to user queries. The users will also benefit from knowing when their queries are being attended and worked upon. This helps them set expectations better about resolution and response times.

Social Media has off late become the default medium for people to raise issues and queries with their brands and get them sorted out. Social CRM has been widely hailed as the digital equivalent of sliced bread since it became a thing. This has caught on so much that brands without a CRM channel on social media are now looked down upon by people.

The social CRM game is all about real time response followed by realistic resolution and moves like this will help with that. Facebook lets brands decide their response time and displays them prominently on their pages. This move by twitter is seen more as an attempt to catch up with facebook and other platforms. It has been a long time endeavor of twitter to become the platform of choice for businesses and brands. They have been always looking to strengthen monetization as a platform. But in reality, twitter has always been seen as playing catch up with facebook and other platforms in this regard though. Let us see how this one plays out for twitter. They need a lot to go in their way soon.

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