Why The OnePlus 3 Is The Phone To Beat This Year

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My primary device is the OnePlus 3 and I don’t think I am going to change it till there is a OnePlus 4 out there! I can assure you that there are many like me who will swear by this device for performance. But that isn’t the only thing good about this device. Read on to see why the OnePlus 3 is the phone to beat this year for other manufacturers

oneplus 3 leaning

The first factor that comes to mind when you talk about the OnePlus 3 is the design. It looks nothing like any other OnePlus device that came before it. The makers have even let a prominent camera bump stay in the rear, that’s how convinced they are about the device standing out. The phone is all metal with a 2.5D curved glass in the front. The alert slider is something I love about the OnePlus devices. Helps a lot when you want only priority interruptions or no interruptions at all. The phone light as a feather and yet grips well in your hand. There is nothing flimsy or cheap anywhere to be seen on this one.

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The design leads me very strongly to believe that the design mantle for smartphones is very definitely with OnePlus now. The arc of progress from the OnePlus One to the OnePlus 3 is very remarkable and shows the continued commitment and passion to deliver the best in terms of feel and build

The next understated but very important thing that the OnePlus 3 shines with is the Oxygen OS. This flavor of android was once very badly criticized for not being able to match up to Cyanogen, but like everything else, OnePlus have iterated using user feedback and made it very nearly perfect. So good that you hardly notice that it’s there on the phone. It is very difficult to stand out with an OS that is the closest to the stock experience on android and yet make it distinctively custom at the right places. The shelf is a good innovation and serves as a good way to get to things you need often with minimum effort. There was the overblown issue of memory management via background processes, OnePlus again proved that they are listening and sorted this out with an OTA. Similarly the sRGB mode issue was also fixed with an OTA. All in all, Oxygen OS has come of age and is here to stay for sure.

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The camera is definitely one of the highlights of the device and quietly delivers very good images day in and day out. The camera UI was something that users has peeves with in the OnePlus Two and with this device, the company has gotten all the issues sorted out. The rear clicker churns out very good and impressive images even in low light conditions. The front camera is also top of the line and has not disappointed at all. Many a flagship that came after the OnePlus 3 has laid claim to amazing camera work and brilliant images, but when you compare one on one, they all lose out to this device by a fair distance.

Oneplus 3 Rear

Dash charge is something that has endlessly simplified life for me. Gone are the days when I have to charge my phone overnight and keep checking it intermittently to see where it is at. I wake up in the morning, plug the dash charge in and by the time I am out of the shower, the phone has juiced up for the day! The car adaptor that supports dash charge is sold separately and it is a must have. That way, when you are moving around, you get the same incredibly fast charging experience and are up with juice before parking your car to get out.

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All these things together give you what everyone is looking for in a smartphone – a flawlessly smooth user experience. Whatever load you throw at the phone, it stands up and delivers. I am a power user and have come way past the initial honeymoon phase with the phone and I am yet to see it stutter or lag even once in these months that I have had this device. The RAM is more than adequate, the processor is top of the line, the design is superlative, charges like a race car driver! What more would one want in a phone? And that is why I say that the OnePlus 3 will be the phone to beat this year! And believe me, it is going to take a gargantuan effort to beat this phone! Don’t you agree? Let me know in the comments and we can talk about this!

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