Reos Lite Smart LED Review: Bang For The Buck


Smart LED lights are all the rage now. Everyone wants them, they save energy and still manage to a variety of things that normal lights cannot do. The mainstream models are a tad bit costly and slightly out of the reach of an average person like you and me who wants to save energy and have the utility of a multi-functional light with it. Cube26 has solved that problem with the Reos Lite, an affordable smart LED light in the sub 2000 category.


The Lite looks just like any other light. A white bulb that can be put into any lightbulb holder in any part of your home. It does not directly fit some holders directly so there is an adaptor that you might need to buy separately. Set up does not stop at installing the light, you need to install the Reos lite app on your phone and pair the phone with the light using bluetooth. You then get to to do a ton of things with the bulb using the app. So it goes without saying that you need to be in line of sight with the bulb for everything to work smooth and to retain control of functions from the app.


So you may ask me “What can this thing do that my light can’t?”, the answer to that is a plethora of settings and effects that come with this light. Right out of the bat, you get to set the color of the light with a full blown panel on the app. You literally have millions of combinations to play with. Then there are the usual bells and whistles that are now mandatory with anything that you can control with an app from your phone.

You can set the light to resonate with your music when you have a party going on at home. You can have the christmas light effect going. There are options to set it to a light candle like hue if you are feeling romantic. There is a reading mode where a soft and nice light emanates the facilitate reading without much strain to eyes. You have options where you can set what the default color is for the light when it is switched on. I had trouble with this though, I had set it to a soft white, but the light kept going to the yellowish default hue that it came in. Tried all combos and settings, but that did not get sorted out.


That being said, this light is good for house parties and spending endless time with kids having fun with colors and hues. This bulb is affordable at Rs 1699. So that’s all that will take you to get on the IoT bandwagon. This being an LED light also ensures that the energy saving vis-a-vis conventional lighting is handled. So if you are looking for a light that is lite and fun, this is the one. It is also priced well so that people can get it without burning a crater in their wallets. All in all, a good choice for a Smart LED if you are in the hunt for one!


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