3 Things That Smartphones Need To Do Better In 2017

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Another year runs by and there have been a slew of great phones that came out and captured our imagination this year too. There were a lot of leaps and bounds that were made by these brilliant devices. But there are three important things that phones need to work on and get better at in 2017. Let’s see what they are.

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Let’s dive right into it! There are a few things that we all do with mobiles and these are issues that we picked out of these. And we are sure that you will agree with us. Here they are then.

Low Light Photography

There have been a ton of amazing camera phones that came out this year, there were ones that had just one camera and did a brilliant job of taking amazing photos. There were others that had dual front cameras and some more that had dual back cameras and took really amazing pictures and made all of us happy, but hey, the main elephant in the room is still standing there and needs to go by 2017. Low light photos are still stuck in the early 2000s and not moving forward at all. There have been a few phones that have made efforts to get over this. Some had an amazing sensor that helped, some had great software that helped and some used a combination of both. While we give them that, it really will be a great thing if more makers used their amazing crafting teams to focus on this as well and as users, we can assure them that they will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Battery Technology

Yes we have seen phones that have batteries that run longer than the others and we have seen incremental updates to the batteries of successful models. But what we have not seen is real innovation in battery tech. We are still trying to solve this problem by throwing more layers at the battery, while some manufacturers make batteries thin with these layers added, there are others that make the battery a tad bit heavy in nature to make it carry more juice. In fact, world over, battery tech has stagnated and needs to move fast. We need batteries that will hold enough juice, charge rapidly and are clean and green. The current Lithium polymer based onslaught is really not the answer. Hope the powers that be are listening here.

Resource Management

This is a problem that is specific to the Android world. There is no dearth of phones with massive resources in terms of memory, processing power and the ilk. But are these massive resources being managed optimally? Let us explain here, you see, if you have a phone that has 8 GB RAM, you expect it to take you to the moon and come back without breaking a sweat. But when it comes to it, you see that an iPhone with 2GB RAM pips your hercules phone without bating an eyelid, why is that? To put it simply, if you have a huge plot of land and build without a plan, you build a maze and get lost. The Android world needs to start wearing big boy pants and code responsibly to manage resources well, then you will see that resources will result in actually productivity increase for you in terms of performance

So there you go, these are the three things that we thought we should see 2017 help us to improve. What are your thoughts? Let us know!


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