Track Fitness Goals With Google Calendar On Your Phone

Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals are a lot easier to create than they are to keep. Luckily, Goals in Google Calendar is there to help you find time for the things that matter. Set a goal like “run 3 times a week,” and Calendar will help you find the time and stick to it. Google recently added new ways to make sticking to it even easier.

Google Calendar

If you’re setting out to achieve a fitness goal, seeing progress can be a great motivation. Goals in Google Calendar makes finding time for activities like hitting the gym or going on more runs easy. But it hasn’t been as easy task to track whether you’re reaching that goal — even if you’re using fitness tracking apps in parallel — since you still have to manually mark your goal “done” every time. Google recently added a feature where you can connect Google Fit and Apple Health to your fitness goals in Google Calendar. When you do, activity in your favorite fitness apps will be recorded and used to mark your goals in Google Calendar as “done” automatically.

Fitness Goals

With this integration, future goal times will be even more tailored based on when you’re most likely to complete them. Say you set a goal to run at 6:30 every other morning but aren’t actually hitting your stride until 7:15 — Google Calendar has you covered and will adjust accordingly. So not only can Calendar keep track of your activities and performance, it can also help you find the best time to do them.

This feature addition by Google will go a long way in helping people who have aggressive fitness goals and have the wearable to moot but are not able to track progress easily and see where they are and how far they are from their goals. The Advent of the new year must have brought a lot of fitness resolutions with it and this feature will definitely add value.

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