Where is AI Coming Next In Your Life?

Mobile On Table

AI is everywhere. The days when Artificial Intelligence was in the realm of futuristic thinking and probable developments are gone. AI is here and for all you know, it might be already working for you. A simple example is the emergence and spreading of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Having said that, where is AI coiming next in your life? You may be surprised to know some of the answers. Read on

Mobile On Table

To Your Mobile

This is going to be the most interesting and impactful permeation of AI into your life. Mobile makers are already baking in AI powered smart assistants into every new model that is coming up this year. It is either in the phone out of the box or in the pipeline as a future update that will add it. But then, that is the most obvious way in which mobile and AI are going to come together. There are other very interesting and quite literally life changing ways in which AI and mobile are going to help you. The first one is the coming together of health sensors on your mobile device and smart apps that use AI to proactively monitor vitals and eventually alert the right people and trigger right counter measures when some critical indicators go wrong. Mobiles are going to grow beyond step counters and calorie watchers. They will be you primary healthcare access device soon and when i say soon, I am talking months to a year and a half. Apart from this, your mobile will also talk to your smart car and your smart home. The possibilities here are limitless. From finding when you need groceries and scheduling a pick-up to managing critical meetings and planning optimal routes for you. Your home will talk to your mobile to find what mood you are in and set up a playlist when you arrive, it will  warm your shower and line up your favorite TV shows and also set up a video call with your partner. This may sound like something out of movies, but this is happening as I write this and your mobile is bang in the middle of all this. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Huawei and Google are in advanced stages of making these happen. So hang on to your mobile, the ride is jut getting started.

Laptop Top

To Your Laptop

Your laptop may or may not look like the picture above, it may become a write-based wearable that projects a laser keyboard and your glasses might double up as the display. But whatever shape your laptop is going to be in, AI is going to play a major part in it. Every single software vendor has moved to the cloud and traditional licensing as we know it has come to an end. Licensing as a service is going to be the norm and will play a major part in the gig-based society that we are moving towards. Your laptop will have enough intelligence to figure out what software tools you need and how long you need them and talk to the vendor’s cloud to get you the service tailored to suit your project to the proverbial “T”. Enterprises and freelancers will be able to save a ton load of money working like this. Your laptop will also have enough intelligence to take voice commands, understand them and execute action based on them. These will range from ” Mail the plan to boss before midnight” to “Book me a table for two, candlelight, dinner at Hotel XXX on YYY and ABC time”. Your laptop will  be able to proof read and edit your stuff with ease and even suggest high level changes. Your laptop will also be able to track your payments schedules and talk to your bank to either remind you or expedite them. Your laptop will also know which process to keep running and which ones to kill fast based on your usage patterns. It will wire-lessly charge itself as and when needed. It will talk to your mobile and car to sync your schedules and remind you of important tasks well in time. It will be able to periodically self-diagnose it own health and foresee or recommend maintenance. It goes without saying that it will also have a smart assistant that you can converse with in your natural language.


To Your Office

We all know that the definition  of the office as we know it is changing and in a big way. AI will make your office wherever you are. Your office will become and intelligent virtual place that knows what your function is and what level of clearance you have to access and modify data. The office will evolve beyond the building that it is today and become an intelligent and smart entity that lives on your mobile devices and your primary workstation. The AI in your office system will tie up with the AI in these devices to manage relevant artifacts that are needed to get work done. Hiring will be AI based, it will move beyond the referral-based and resume driven model that exists today. Hiring as a function will evolve to understand context and analyse relevance and personal capabilities like never before. The Person-As-A-Service paradigm is already here and will get bigger and in this context companies like Spire Technologies will play a major role in hiring scaling up and going global.  The HR service provider will use AI to understand you, your skill and your available time so that you get the right projects at the right times in the right places. AI in HR will also mean that candidate engagement will get holistic and more optimal. Fit in organization culture will be better and career management smoother. Going forward, you might actually be carrying multiple offices for whom you are doing multiple projects in your devices wherever you go.

So these are a few immediate and noticeable ways in which AI is coming to your life very soon. It may sound like science fiction now, but work is happening at really advanced levels and good speed as we discuss this. This will come sooner than later into your life. Get Ready! The ride is about to get much more exciting!

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