Amazon Launches Two Kindle Starter Packs

kindle starter pack

Amazon has launched 2 Kindle Starter Packs (KSPs), a device-accessory-content bundle with some amazing benefits that strives to introduce first-time, casual readers to the pleasures of reading. They will serve as a good starting point to convert people from books to the Kindle

kindle starter pack

The Packs consist of a Kindle e-reader (All-New Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite), a premium black Kindle case by NuPro, free 2-Year Kindle Total Protection Plan from Cover Plus (Ingram Micro) and 80% discount on any Kindle eBooks up to maximum discount of INR 1,000 for All-New Kindle and INR 2,000 for Kindle Paperwhite. The Packs provide the readers with a complete reading solution and are priced to deliver incredible value.

The All-New Kindle Starter Pack which costs INR 6,998 includes the Wi-Fi version of the All-New Kindle eBook reader, a black slim, lightweight, and form-fitted leather cover by NuPro worth INR 999 with magnetic closure to protect the device, discounts of up to 80% on purchase of ebooks up to INR 1,000 and a two-year protection plan worth INR 1,199 from Cover Plus (Ingram Micro). The second Starter Pack costs INR 12,298 and includes the Wi-Fi version of Kindle Paperwhite, a black NuPro SlimFit leather cover worth INR 1,299, a two-year protection plan worth INR 2,199 from Ingram Micro and 80% discount on all eBooks upto a maximum discount of Rs 2,000.

The 2-year total protection plan covers the device against all forms of damage at no additional cost. The protection plan is in addition to the manufacturer warranty and provides full device replacement in case of manufacturing defects, accidental damages such as damage to screen and liquid damages caused by water spill up to two years from purchase. Users are pre-enrolled with the plan and just have to reach out to Amazon India for any manufacturing defects in the first year and to warranty partner in case of any accidental or manufacturing issues after the first year.

The Kindle display emits no light and comes with an astounding battery life that lasts for weeks and not hours. The Starter Packs certainly are a great way for first-time readers to begin their first reading adventure and discover the joys of reading.

All the Features Readers Love about Kindle

The new Kindle includes all of the features that have made the Kindle family the most popular e-readers in the world for nine years running:

  • Export Notes—It’s now easy to export notes and highlights from a book to your e-mail, so you can always have them on-hand for reference. Receive your notes both as an easily printable PDF, and as a simple file you can open in your favorite spreadsheet app. This feature will be available as part of a free, over-the-air software update in the coming weeks.
  • Personalized Home Screen—An updated interface and navigation makes it even easier to discover your next favorite book, manage Wish Lists, and see recommendations from friends via Goodreads.
  • New Fonts—Fonts like Bookerly, Ember and OpenDyslexic provide more choice for customers on top of the world class fonts already available on Kindle.
  • Weeks of battery life—Battery life is measured in weeks, not hours.
  • No set-up required—For online purchases, Kindle arrives pre-registered so you can start reading immediately.
  • Whispersync—Saves and synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks, and annotations across all of your devices and Kindle apps, so you can always pick up where you left off.
  • Worry-free archive—Automatically backs up your Kindle books in the cloud, so you never need to worry about losing your books—re-download your books wirelessly anytime for free.
  • Goodreads—Kindle is integrated with the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations, with over 50 million members, 1.3 billion books added, and 47 million book reviews.
  • X-Ray—Explore the “Bones of the Book”—see all of the passages across a book that mention relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, or topics of interest.
  • Word Wise—Available on many popular English language titles, Word Wise makes it easier to enjoy and quickly understand more challenging books. Short and simple definitions automatically appear above difficult words, so you can keep reading with fewer interruptions.
  • Time to Read—Tells you how much time it will take to finish a chapter or a book based on your personalized reading speed.
  • Vocabulary Builder—Compiles words you look up in the dictionary into an easy-to-access list. Use these lists to quiz yourself with flashcards and instantly see words in context.
  • Share your favorite passages—Share book recommendations, highlighted sections, and meaningful quotes with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Smart Lookup—Integrates a full dictionary definition with other reference information via X-Ray and Wikipedia.
  • Custom-Built Typesetting Engine—Word and character spacing, with hyphenation, justification, ligatures, and kerning lays out the pages just as the author intended.

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