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India is standing on the cusp of becoming one of the largest digital forces in the world and the current government is giving it a fair push in terms of policy. Given this scenario, the need of the hour is for early movers in the digital, AI and cloud space to lead the way and enable this transformation. Mathworks India is doing a yeoman’s job of heralding the digital transformation in a multi-pronged approach. Let us look at this in detail today.


But before we get into all that, let us look at the really tough core issues that MathWorks is solving on a global level. You see, whenever there is need to automate or make anything autonomous, primarily the problem boils down to two aspects. The first is the ability to simulate the problem and then use it to formulate a solution. The next is the need to run this simulation in real-time and make split second decisions that will decide the next step in solving the issue. Both of these need complicated analysis and simulation capabilities. MathWorks has two primary products – MATLAB and SIMULINK that help people and companies to do exactly that. And just by being experts in these two areas, they are the best go to solution provider and partner for anything that needs to become autonomous and real-time. This gives them a unique edge in driving the move to the digital ecosystem.

The next critical piece of the process in getting digital is the need to engage across the spectrum in the whole problem solving process. You may need to start working with the academics who are solidifying the theoretical side of solving a problem, take their approach and work with companies that are actually in that area to try and gather relevant data that can then be analyzed to fine tune a solution. Sometimes the problem looks simple in the real world, like braking of an autonomous car on a rainy day or a wet road, but internally that translates into massive sensor synergy and really efficient real-time simulations leading to immediate decision making. And that is just a simple problem, there are areas like aeronautics and space mechanics where it gets even more complicated. MathWorks has an entire gamut of engagement models and services that fit right into this process. They are also looking to expand their community building and talent nurturing in this direction.

A number of India’s core industries are going through significant transformations due to technology. Technology is disrupting, evolving and it is causing a lot of change in different industries. Whether it is automotive, aerospace, communications, industrial equipment, medical, all industries are going through significant technological changes, and for the better. Technology is driving a lot of innovation in these industries which are helping companies come out with better and smarter products.

If you look at autonomous technology, it’s prevalent in automotive, aero-defence, medical, robotics, ocean exploration etc. There are a number of areas in these industries which are impacted by fundamental innovations in the autonomous area. Similarly there is focus on technologies like Data Analytics, wireless communication etc. which impact a lot of industries like communication, medical, automotive etc. MathWorks has a major role in these areas, the application areas. MathWorks is enabling companies worldwide in different industries to leverage these innovations, weather it is autonomous technology or data analytics and become more competitive in the market by coming out with smarter products.

These technologies are bringing enormous disruption in the industries around the world and MathWorks is enabling its 700 to 800 odd customers in India by gearing themselves up with such technologies and leveraging them for improving their business and giving them a competitive advantage in their markets. They aim to enable companies in India to improve their business with better and smarter products, thereby helping them become the champions on their respective industries and market.

Another focus of the company is based on the fact that with various technologies coming up, it is only logical to work with academia, to make sure that students, especially engineers who are the big backbone of the country are trained with these technologies and how industries are leveraging these technologies. When they pass out, it would help them to be more employable and also help them to have a faster ramp up into their roles in the industry which ultimately benefits the industry. MathWorks is driving this focus with their campus wide license initiative. With this program, the company is looking at ways to give access to the MathWorks tools to all faculty and students. They can use these industry standard tools for their work in technical labs, classes, project work etc. and make them more equipped for the industry standard when they get into their careers. MathWorks also engage with the student community with various competitions (Automation, Robotics etc.) where students work on projects where they use MATLAB and Simulink to build better vehicle or system.

I had a long interaction and spent a lot of time going through their current projects and solutions and it was an exciting line-up that ranged from agriculture, healthcare, banking to aeronautics and many other cutting edge segments where the Industrial IoT onset has already begun. They are a major force behind Team Indus that is working on making the first Indian Lunar Rover.

In summary, the whole Digital India movement is getting a lot of support and a solid fillip from MathWorks India. The notable fact is that while they are doing this, they are also very actively supporting the entire set of global clients that MathWorks has and are running that on an admirably efficient path. My money is on companies like MathWorks to take us into the bold digital era that we are now setting foot into. I will be watching them very closely and with a lot of interest.

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