Mediacorp Adopts IBM Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Broadcast Operations


IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced recently that Mediacorp, Singapore’s largest media company, has completed a digital transformation of its broadcast operations using IBM Hybrid Cloud solutions as part of the move to a new office building in Singapore’s one-north district.


The Mediacorp broadcast operations team can now more quickly, seamlessly and efficiently deliver video and audio content to consumers across different platforms, including new mobile apps, interactive televisions and other connected devices.

The new production system uses IBM Aspera Orchestrator, part of the Aspera platform, to manage video and audio for more than 35 Mediacorp brands, including seven television and 11 radio stations as well as newer over-the-top (OTT) distribution systems that deliver content through internet-based systems. Mediacorp previously used different systems for handling video from more than 20 different internal and external vendor systems.

Orchestrator now provides a common, streamlined solution for Mediacorp to collect, manage and distribute video across all systems, including on-premises systems and public clouds. Orchestrator helps manage more than 200 workflows and automatically handles parts of the process, such as encoding video for different formats, to help reduce manual tasks and speed time to market. IBM Aspera Faspex and Aspera Shares, also part of the Aspera platform, quickly and reliably transfer files between internal sources, global sites and external vendors.

“Consumers are interested in accessing video and audio content through more devices and at more times than ever before,” said Norraine Yusof, senior vice president for campus technology at Mediacorp. “By simplifying and streamlining the production process, the IBM Aspera platform helps to deliver timely news and entertainment content to audiences when and how they want it. The new system frees our employees from engaging in repetitive manual tasks.”

The latest technology enhancements expand Mediacorp’s use of Aspera solutions as a core part of its broadcast operations. Previously, Mediacorp used IBM Aspera Connect Server file transfer technology to collect and distribute video and audio files.

The new IBM Aspera platform being used by Mediacorp now handles the end-to-end production process for video — ingest, asset management, transcoding, quality control and distribution for various platforms, including linear programming on TV and radio stations and OTT systems. It helps manage the workflow sequencing, queuing and load balancing, while providing a comprehensive view and control point for different processes, users and subsystems.

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