1MORE Piston Classic Review: Very Effective And Great Value For Money

1MORE Piston Classic

1MORE is the brand that specializes in making great headsets that deliver clear and crisp sound. Their biggest strength has been the fact that  they make premium headsets at prices that are really affordable. They have been behind the successful piston range that Xiaomi has been selling here in India. We spent some time with the 1MORE Piston Classic which is their latest offering and here is our review of the headset

The design features a retro, yet modern look. The iPhone matched colors make for a perfect addition to your phone accessories.  Anodized iPhone colored surfaces are fingerprint resistant and made to last. The cable consists of interior enameled copper wrapped around Kevlar fiber to greatly increase durability and strength. Packed with dual damping systems to take pressure off the driver to minimize distortion, reduce ear fatigue, and enhance spaciousness and low end. Equipped with a MEMS Microphone for clarity and crispness, the 3-button remote is compatible with iOS and Android, and allows you to control your music and take calls on the go. The noise isolating fit and crystal clear microphone makes conversations sound intimate even in loud environments.

Design Details

What all that means to the end user is that the headset looks and feels premium. The design has been thought out with the ease of use and long term comfort on continued usage. The inner design of your ear will fit right with the headphone and the the tip is extremely comfortable.  Practically, when you are in a workout or out jogging for a long duration or in a flight or a train on a long journey, it feels like a perfect fit and stays in without slipping out. The default package also ships with a set of neat replacement ear buds that can be customized according to your ear size and a great wire pad that helps you to bind the long wires neatly and pack them into a box, very thoughtful.

Ear Buds

Box Pack

The bass/lows are very good and not at all jarring to the ears. The mids and vocals are crystal clear and the highs are completely crisp and there is no distortion. We tried various genres of music with these headsets ranging from blues to country to R&B. Every genre was done full justice. The noise cancellation also works very well and helps you to focus if you are wearing these headsets at work.  We tried using them in noisy environments and even in a library. The performance in both cases was impressive. No one in the library had any idea we were playing music and when we used them while working out, it was like the whole environment was musically tuned. Given the price for which these headsets are sold, the performance is far better than the Mi Pistons or any other headset in that range.


The 1MORE Piston Classic is one of the best headsets that you can buy  at a price that is as good as Rs 1999/- It has the power of a dragon and looks like a butterfly. Perfect combination of performance, build and price! Gets three thumbs up from us.

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