1More Triple Driver Review: Undoubtedly The Best-In-Class Headset For Audiophiles

1More Triple Driver

Today, we live in a world of fast internet and absolutely brilliant smartphones. That and the fact that internet access rates and memory prices are favorable mean that everyone has a load of multimedia that they carry around and one of the key windows into our life is our trusty headset. 1More has been a household name and top brand in this area. Here is my review of the 1More Triple driver headset

As the name implies, the 1More Triple Driver in-ears feature three separate drivers for sound reproduction. With  these well thought out headphones, you’re getting a dedicated dynamic driver for handling bass frequencies, while two balanced drivers handle the mids and highs. This goes a long way in the kind of quality that the headset delivers. Every single note in every range is crystal clear and crisp. Very well sounded into the void and hence gives you absolute listening pleasure whatever your preferred genre of music is. More on that later, let us begin with the design.


The packing is very creative and interesting. The package looks like a book and once you open it, you see the actual design specs of the headset printed on the cover and that tells you how much thought has gone into the design of these headsets. The headset itself sits in a well nestled spot and then you open the pack further to see that there is a whole load of accessories that has been packed with this


There is an amazingly premium leather case that comes with this package. You then have a whole range of tips that can be used to customize the headset to fit your ear. There are really good foam tips that are shipped with this. You also get a a very nifty aircraft adapter too. This means that when you are flying, you are not limited by the dirty and often bad headsets that the airline gives you, just plug the adapter in and you are set on the plane. I found this very useful when I was flying. Then you have the usual product documentation and warranty stuff that is there.

1More Triple Driver

The metal and tips used are absolutely top quality and gives you a great feel in your ear. The design of the 1More Triple Driver is done very well, it is shaped like the inner side of your ear and has a gently curve in that keeps it in place. What this means is that you can put it in your ear and use it for long durations without any discomfort. They also sit very well in your ear, in all my use, they never came off or got dislodged from my ear. This is also a great plus if you like moving around with your headset on your ears. The design also takes care of the most important thing, the sound delivery in your ear is absolutely brilliant and flawless. Let us get into more details now

Triple Driver


This headset has very pronounced and good physical dynamic impact (kick factor/slam). With that very smooth signature you also get a longing for more depth to the response itself over time and I could see that this one delivers brilliant depth to the response.

I’ve found that this one remains relatively smooth up to +4dB. And that is a good thing if you want your smoothness factor.I was unable to detect any bleed into the mids and no serious problems at all when boosted. You can get a smidgen more, but not much, when EQ’ed. What that means is bass and mids are clearly differentiated and delivered. And for you, it’s like rediscovering your music library again.



If mellow is the genre of sound or music that you enjoy, well, look no further. This is a fantastic headset for kicking back and relaxing with some old school vocals, Big Band genre types and  some good old Sinatra if you get what I mean. Quality is sublime for the price and it amazes me how 1More has been consistently delivered over time here. Fidelity is great and impressive for this headset in the mid-range, clean and crisp. This headset very definitely gets a massive thumbs up for offering a nicely subdued, calming effect when listening to mid-centered music. I like it. Generally, I tend prefer mid-forward. There are some times when I am a bit stressed and like to “mellow” out and relax. This 1MORE Triple seems to do the trick with that. Has a very calming effect. Try some classics and you will know what I am talking about.



When it comes to kicking back and relaxing, I generally prefer  a lilting and gentle brightness factor with some sparkle. Those are terms I use to describe sets I consider highly musical on the top end and that is what I am hearing on this Triple. 1MORE seems to ensure that you get the tune with style and class, and the subtle flare is also impressive. With this headset, the dynamic slam is low, which then leads to the set feeling  getting more relaxed. And that is a good thing. The quality factor for the price is just impressive to say it in one word. Absolutely no complains at all. Very nearly perfect.

Aircraft adapter


I can very safely say that 1MORE really understands imaging and soundstage because all of their models that I have used so far offer excellent staging. This Triple is no different. Width and Height are very good. The depth of field is very nice and high marks are due in this department. Airiness is the one quality that I look for in the imaging department for IEM’s. The Triple excels here and  by a fair distance. It stands head and shoulders above the competition here. Separation of instruments is sublime and very impressive. No bleeding or blending here at all. Again a case for full marks.


If you are an audiophile and someone who believes that your headset is your window into clear and crisp musical experiences, this one is definitely for you. At a price of Rs 8,999/- the 1More Triple Driver is undoubtedly the Best-in-class IEM Headset. It has my vote for the best one I have used so far.

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