OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Edition: Artistic Color, Great Internals

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple

The OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Edition is here. OnePlus has now made a habit of keeping the market engaged with a lot of thoughtful Colors and Limited Edition releases. I got my hands on this version and here are my thoughts

The special edition of the much-lauded OnePlus 6T comes with a gradient back that fades from black to purple under the frosted glass-backed OnePlus 6T, with the evocative ‘S’ curve racing across the back and highlighting the depth of colour. OnePlus has paid meticulous attention to detail to craft the perfect look, with a focus on how light reacts to the glass’ haze, roughness, gloss, transparency and reflective qualities.

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Lifestyle Image

The OnePlus 6T is the company’s most futuristic flagship till date with Screen Unlock on the immersive 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED display, class-leading hardware and meticulous industrial design to create the industry’s fastest and smoothest smartphone experience. It features the latest, most powerful platform, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, with up to 8GB of RAM that creates an experience that continues to set the standard for performance.

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Rear View

The OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple edition will be available from 16 November on, at 2 pm, and in Croma outlets, Reliance Digital outlets and all OnePlus exclusive offline stores starting 11 am. It comes packed with 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage, with the same price tag as the OnePlus 6T Midnight Black and Mirror Black, at INR 41,999.

 Oxygen OS actually is the main reason why the OnePlus 6T is the fastest android flagship of the year. The reason for that starts with the main philosophy behind Oxygen OS – it is there but stays out of the way. The OnePlus developers have done a great job of adding nifty additions to android that make life immensely easy and yet, they have managed to keep the script so tight that you don’t even feel like it is a custom skin, it is the closest you will get to stock android. In my books, it is way better than stock android. With the OnePlus 6T, the brand has even managed to keep the device better updated that most androidone devices that I know. Coming to the customization, a full blog post on them will do more justice. But off hand, nifty additions like Smart Boost for upping the performance and the thoughtful Night mode on the camera with a generous smattering of more than 500 little changes like no empty search result will be without a graphic among other things.

Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T Bottom View

This time, OnePlus has gone with a 3700mAH battery on the OnePlus 6T. At the outset, this may not sound like a massive number, but believe me, in my usage of the OnePlus 6T this makes a big difference. The OnePlus 6 is one of the best phones of the year, but it had a very okay battery back up, not saying that there was anything wrong with it, but a better battery would have taken it into another league. That is what OnePlus has fixed with the OnePlus 6T this time. I generally wake up pretty early in the morning and begin work. So, most of the days, I charge my phone at 4 am in the morning and get going. With the OnePlus 6T after a full charge at 4 am I am able to get more than a full day of juice. I am a heavy user of my phone and rely on it through the day to get a lot of my work done. It is generally a heavy mix of WiFi and 4G with a lot of social media and streaming thrown in. There are times when I do my blogging also from the phone. I have my music library that lives on my phone and I hear it all the time. So that should give you an estimate of the daily usage of my phone. In the evening when I check the phone at around 8 pm, I can see that there is 60% of the battery left

Overall, the OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Edition is a combination of Artistic Color and Great Internals. If you are into Limited Editions that look good, you should go get this one.

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