HiFuture FutureBuds Review: Wireless, Superior And Comfortable

HiFuture FutureBuds

HiFuture is a relatively new brand in India, they have made their presence known with the recent launch of the FutureBuds, a true wireless in-ear earphone with a lot of segment defining features that make it stand out from the competition. I spent time with this new wireless headset and here is my review of this new entrant.

When you think of a true wireless headset, you are thinking of a few key things that will make it a good value proposition for you. The first one is that you need them to fit very well in your ears so that you are not concerned that they will slip out and you will lose them. Next is the fact that they need to hold charge for a decent time period so that when you are on the move or traveling, you are not worried about your earbuds losing out on juice in the middle of the day. The most important factor is that you should be able to control taking calls or listening to music with simple touches or gestures.

HiFuture FutureBuds

HiFuture has thought about all this when they came out with the FutureBuds. For example, the company’s 4 mic integration technology and full-range sonic reproduction, while the Hi-tech Neodymium Magnet ensures maximum sensitivity, which is critical for achieving the best possible sound from smartphones, tablets, and other low-voltage portable devices.

HiFuture FutureBuds

The earphones boast a rich, authentic sound with a subtle and elegant design. It offers demonstrably improved sonics and Bluetooth stability and connectivity compared to most competitive models currently on the market. Thanks to the company’s customization of the standard True Wireless chip. The improvements in RF reception result in a significantly stable signal and connectivity.

HiFuture FutureBuds

Set up was very simple. All I had to do was charge the buds in the charging case that came with it, press the button, put it in pairing mode, pair with my phone and done. All set and running in 5 minutes.

FutureBuds have an elegant look. Its ultra-lightweight design provides for a superior comfortable fit and a sound experience that will make your musical journey smooth. These stylish Bluetooth earphones which are compatible across all platforms pack the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology for longer battery life, faster pairing and seamless connectivity with your device up to 10 meters. All day battery life meets all day comfort in an ergonomic design with 3 sizes of included silicone ear-tips.

HiFuture FutureBuds

Taking the buds out and putting them on does turn heads and people like the way it looks. It was a definite conversation starter in many places for me. It ticks all the right boxes in the design and crafting department. Very premium.

FutureBuds allows for binaural calls as it has built-in high definition 4 mics and DSP technology that ensures crystal clear telephonic conversation even in a crowded place with auto-activation of environmental noise cancellation (ENC), as if you were talking face-to-face. Due to integration of Hall Sensor and Optical Sensor in an extremely miniaturized format, this novel functionality of auto-sense is made available uniquely in FutureBuds. If you pick right earbuds, it will activate ENC and mic of right bud and vice versa, so it has dual master earbuds and intelligent switch function which is very unique.

HiFuture FutureBuds

FutureBuds are enabled with touch controls so that you can, play, pause, skip tracks and even answer or reject calls, with one touch. You can simply control your music, calls and voice assistant through intuitive touchpad technology built into both earbuds. The touch mechanism is really simple and intuitive, you can figure it out in a few minutes.

Other features include, Auto – pairing for seamless experience, gesture recognition due to precision sensors where when the future buds are removed from the ears, the music automatically stops and Google Voice/ Siri Support.

HiFuture FutureBuds

The Type C and Fast Charge chip used in the design of FutureBuds can charge for 15 mins and play music for 3 hours. A single charge gives 6 hours of battery and total battery life available with the case is 25 hours, due to the intelligent power management chip and 500 mAh of battery built in sleek charging case.

Coming to the sound quality from the headset, the FutureBuds are able to consistently deliver good quality highs, mids and bass when playing music for a prolonged time. I used them as music accessories and also to take my calls. The call quality was good, there weren’t any significant issues with the sound. My music library sounded excellent. I am very happy with the performance and the battery back up too. All in all, a very good debut by HiFuture.


At the introductory price of ₹ 6,499, the HiFuture FutureBuds are superior and comfortable compared to their competitors and I would very definitely recommend them if you are looking for reliable wireless buds that deliver quality.

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