Sonata Stride Pro Review: Very Reliable And Useful Hybrid Smartwatch

Sonata, India’s largest-selling watch brand from the house of Titan has launched hybrid smartwatches for men – Stride which is available in two versions, Stride and Stride Pro. Hybrid smartwatch ia fusion between traditional mechanical watch and a smartwatch. It looks like an analog watch and has the features of smartwatch, which can track your steps, alert you when you receive calls, find your phone, activating the camera, etc. We received Sonata Stride Pro which is priced at INR 3,495/-.

At first glance this smartwatch looks impressive with black dial and black leather strap. If you are a person who like the analog watches and also want to have smart features on your watch, then you can have this watch. Sonata Stride Pro comes with ABS case. We can see an offset dial inside the smartwatch which is present on the lower left side of the smartwatch from which see other notifications. Sonata Stride Pro comes with acrylic glass material with case length of 52mm and width of 45.4mm. There is a crown present on the right side near 3 hour to adjust the time and a button present near 2 hour to open camera in the smartphone and finding the device. According to the company, “The Sonata Stride is designed to be water resistant up to 30 meters”.

First we have to install the Sonata app from the app store and then we have to configure it and use the smartwatch. The app will walk through how to connect to your phone. There are some features which is not present in the app.

When you use other smartwatches you have to charge them once in few days and if you forget your smartwatch will not work. Sonata Stride Pro has one advantage over this as there is no need to charge your watch. It has a battery life of 12 months.

The main purpose of using smartwatches is it is used as a fitness tracker which makes us to have a healthier lifestyle. When added to your daily routine; regular walks, treks and hikes bring about miraculous changes in your fitness levels. A Step and Calorie Tracker simply helps you in this direction and acts as a one-time investment to monitor your progress and keep you steady on the path of a fit life. Sonata Stride Pro tracks the number of steps we have walked daily which helps to keep tracks of our daily steps. We can keep goals and try and achieve our daily goals. We can also go a step ahead and measure our number of steps against your friends. Sonata Smartwatch has a ‘Buddy’ feature in which we can connect to our friends and track our steps against them.

Sonata Stride Pro comes with Call Alert feature, which means that there is no need to check our phone for calls. When we receive calls we get vibration in the smartwatch and we can see that the counter hand in the offset dial points to the call icon.

Sonata Stride Pro also comes with the built-in customized sedentary alert which reminds us to take a break when you have been in a single position for too much time. We can choose the timings and intervals in which we would like to be notified at 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes and also we can turn o­ff the Sedentary Reminder if you don’t want one. The counter hand moves to the sedentary icon and vibrates when we are sedentary for long time.

We tried controlling the camera by pressing the button present twice. It took a lot of time to open the camera and take pictures. We felt that it is not up to the mark. Also this feature works only when the app is open and we are in the app. Otherwise the camera does not open. We only get a notification that the camera is ready to snap. We thought that instead of using this for taking picture, we can take pictures with our phone itself very easily.

We also tried finding our smartphone by pressing the button once. The phone started ringing. But sometimes the smartwatch opens the camera app instead of finding the device. It is difficult to use this feature in the Stride Pro.


After spending a lot of time with Sonata Stride Pro, we feel that this watch is suitable for those who want a watch that looks like analog watch and yet have some smart features. There is no need to look into another screen as we have lots of screens now a days. With the price of INR 3,495 and battery life of 12 months Sonata Stride Pro is a very good option for a busy person. Sonata Stride Pro has few extra features which helps us to have a balance between traditional watch and smart capabilities. If you want your smartwatch to track only steps and sleep this is the one to select. If you want more features in your smartwatch you have to go for some regular smartwatch. Compared to other hybrid smartwatches, Sonata Stride is priced less which is better for people who want to try a smartwatch.

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