Spain’s Bodegas Cepa 21 Turns to IBM Watson to Produce the Best Wines Every Harvest

IBM Watson Spanish Wine

In the wine industry there are infinite variables leading to wines with different organoleptic characteristics even from the same area in the same year. Although some of this uncertainty is inevitable and part of the wine’s magic, the secret of good winemaking comes from years of experience and access to good quality data.

To improve results, the Bodegas Cepa 21 brand, part of the Moro’s family business in Ribera del Duero, has signed a contract with IBM to develop, together with its partners Efor and the European University, a new innovative solution. It uses IBM Watson, running on IBM public cloud, to analyze historical wine making data managed by the Regulatory Council of the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin combined with historical weather data provided by The Weather Company, an IBM Business.

With this solution, the Bodegas Cepa 21 team will be able to make more informed decisions in order to get the best results possible out of the land on their estate. José Moro, President of Bodegas Cepa 21 commented: “We always bet on integrating technology, talent and ideas in our value chain, and in a traditional sector such as wine, we know that it is crucial in our ability to differentiate ourselves. The decisions we have made through intuition and long experience over many years, we can now see backed up by data, allowing us to be more precise and much more productive.”

“This is an excellent demonstration of how IBM public cloud is helping our clients across every industry deliver the latest technologies in an open and secure environment anywhere. IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy is enabling wineries of the stature of Emilio Moro to further develop their business while minimizing risks”, says Javier Valencia, Cloud & Cognitive Vice president at IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

The IBM technologies used in the solution include Watson Studio, Cognos Analytics, and Watson Machine Learning, all running on IBM public cloud.

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