Online car rental provider Booking Group chooses IBM Cloud to meet customer demand

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IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Booking Group announced that the online car rental company is accelerating its transformation with IBM Cloud technology and services. As businesses across industries are navigating digital transformation and trying to do so as quickly as possible to remain competitive, they are looking for a hybrid multicloud model and ways to protect their data. IBM Cloud is helping Booking Group address these needs, while offering more flexibility and enhanced efficiency across their business processes as they adapt to a dynamically changing business environment.

Booking Group has been a leading player in the online car rental business for 12 years and offers its services in more than 150 countries. The company was interested in migrating critical workloads – including booking reservations and financial reports – to IBM Cloud to remain flexible and better accommodate the fluctuating demand for car rentals in local markets, adjust prices and availability as needed. By adopting IBM Cloud, the industry’s most open and secure public cloud for business, and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Booking Group can now securely deploy workloads and manage their public cloud infrastructure.

“By working with IBM Cloud, we were interested in obtaining a wider scope of technologies. Moreover, we preferred to apply the new workloads within an open source environment and with the usage of commonly used cloud-native technologies. It was crucial to preserve the possibility of moving the workloads without difficulties to a different cloud provider,” says Igor Demchakov, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Booking Group.

“With IBM Cloud, Booking Group can adopt a flexible cloud strategy, helping the car rental service to securely host workloads such as booking reservations and financial reports and offering access to data that provides unique insights about demand for car rentals in local markets. With these capabilities, Booking Group can remain agile and quickly adjust prices and availability to meet customers’ needs as they shift alongside the pandemic, while assuring data is managed in a security-rich environment,” says Harish Grama, General Manager, IBM Cloud.

Within four months the entire environment was provisioned, the workloads were deployed gradually, and the analytical business solution was implemented together by IBM Cloud and Booking Group.

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