APIS IT Modernizes Legacy Applications and Projects with Red Hat OpenShift

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Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that APIS IT, a provider of IT solutions for public administration bodies in Croatia on both government and local levels, modernized its business by migrating legacy systems to a single, standardized environment built on Red Hat OpenShift. With this modernization and the adoption of a collaborative DevOps approach, APIS IT can work more efficiently and consistently to develop and deploy new services in compliance with European Union regulations.

With Red Hat, we have the reassurance of expert support and a clear, transparent roadmap.

Robert Stanko
Managing Director of IT, APIS IT

With Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, APIS IT is modernizing 20 years of legacy government IT systems. The legacy systems are part of a complex environment that includes monolithic COBOL mainframes, enterprise Java and Microsoft.NET application frameworks. By migrating its diverse legacy environments to Red Hat OpenShift, APIS IT teams are able to use the same environment and technology, enabling work to follow consistent processes and to rely on standard documentation.

APIS IT now runs more than 100 production projects on Red Hat OpenShift. The projects include applications for customs administration, geographical information system (GIS) and elections. Additionally, parts of tax administration have also migrated to Red Hat OpenShift and the migration of more than 200 legacy Java applications and services is currently underway.

With Red Hat OpenShift, APIS IT:

  • Created a DevOps environment for improved consistency and transparency. Standardizing the application life cycle management with Red Hat OpenShift has helped APIS IT’s teams adopt a more efficient DevOps work approach allowing formerly isolated developers and operations staff to collaborate in a consistent infrastructure environment. APIS IT in partnership with Red Hat became a finalist of the 2021 DevOps Industry Awards in the category “Most Successful Cultural Transformation”.
  • Improved support for GDPR and other regulatory compliance. Digital sovereignty is a key consideration for APIS IT. Red Hat OpenShift helps open a clear path for digital independence through a national cloud strategy while complying with GDPR.
  • Enhanced talent attraction with innovative reputation. Red Hat OpenShift creates a modern IT environment that can help APIS IT attract in-demand, skilled talent, both in junior positions for college graduates and in senior jobs.
  • Expand modernization efforts to new applications. By continuing its migration of legacy systems to Red Hat OpenShift APIS IT will be able to create  a transparent IT model.

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