83% Indians prefer Anime over other animated content, says JetSynthesys’ study


New age digital entertainment and technology company JetSynthesys has launched an insightful survey on Anime consumption in India, a first-of-its-kind in the Indian market on the occasion of World Anime Day. A leading force in the digital entertainment category, JetSynthesys aims to encourage and increase conversations around the niche category in India and highlight the massive demand for this genre of entertainment. Showing intent and inclination of audiences in our country, the survey found that 83% of the individuals were biased towards Anime across all animated content options, with 48% favouring Naruto, 38% voting for Death Note and 38% inclined towards Attack on Titan, making these the top three favourites in India.

Interestingly, with the proclivity for the consumption of anime content amongst Indians being high, it has also led to a stronger connection between fans of the medium and all things Japanese with 50% wanting to have better understanding of the culture, the language, the food, coupled with a strong desire to actually visit Japan. 84% of the participants indicated that they were willing to invest in merchandise and would pay a substantial amount for the same, showcasing a high demand but, a supply shortage of homegrown players in this category.

Anime fans from across age groups, predominantly Gen Z and Millennial have extended their interest to experience deeper engagement avenues. During the survey they expressed how they’d love to participate in anime related game-offs and are on the lookout for dedicated platforms that cater to all things anime. On the flip side, majority of the fans found it difficult to find like-minded people and fellow fans to discuss and partake in the fandom surrounding anime. This exhibits the giant window for brands based out of Japan, the capital of anime, to address and build a stronger base in India.

Deep diving into this further, Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, JetSynthesys, said, “While nascent, Anime as a category is attracting high interest and demand in a market like India. For the longest time, the category suffered from a perception challenge, getting labeled as kids’ content. However, this perception has shifted, especially in the last decade, yielding a huge headroom for growth and potential for the industry to enter mainstream conversations in India. Interestingly, in addition to the growth of anime as a content category, the bedrock of anime, i.e., animation will also have a critical role to play in future especially with respect to emerging technologies like the Metaverse. The visual aspects of immersive experiences like AR/VR/XR will be greatly elevated through advanced animation and this will open up a world of possibilities for people to explore animation as a source of livelihood. We hope that this study brings to light this massive untapped opportunity for both global and Indian players in the ecosystem to work together to grow this space further in the country.”

With a concerted focus across gaming, digital entertainment, and social community platforms, JetSynthesys has, in a short span of time since its launch, seen exponential growth and been the usherer of many category-firsts. The company is also known for its global publishing partnerships with the likes of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, Bollywood star Salman Khan, heavyweight Floyd Mayweather, and internationally renowned brands like WWE, SQUARE ENIX , Warner Music Group (WMG) and many more. Recently, Serum Institute of India’s chief Adar Poonawaalla picked up a 20% stake in JetSynthesys subsidiary Wakau Interactive Pvt Ltd – a short-video sharing entertainment and fashion platform.

Over the years, JetSynthesys has also become a leading name in the gaming category, particularly known for developing mobile games with high fidelity and network play. It is currently the #1 skill-based cricket gaming franchise in the world, housing popular games like “Sachin Saga Cricket Champions” and “Real Cricket”. In addition to developing cutting edge and popular games in-house, JetSynthesys was the earliest entrant in India’s esports industry, having had a 50% founding stake in India’s largest esports company, Nodwin Gaming. Furthermore, to build esports at the grass-root level, JetSynthesys recently acquired Chennai-based Skyesports to form Jet Skyesports Gaming Pvt. Ltd.

In the social community arena, JetSynthesys is home to 100MB, Sachin Tendulkar’s digital platform for all things cricket; ThinkRight.me, India’s leading meditation and mindfulness app; AnyDay Money, a well-known fintech platform for advance salary formed in association with Adar Poonawalla; JobDost, a platform providing access to grey & blue-collar jobs in multiple cities across India; and SonicJobs, UK’s #1 hiring portal for blue-collared jobs.

JetSynthesys is also known for its deep tech stacks in new technologies like AI, Blockchain, AR/VR/MR and quantum computing. With offices in Japan, the UK, EU, US and India, JetSynthesys boasts of the best-in-class technical and creative talent, striving to create and connect digital ecosystems globally.

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