StackOS establishes itself as the largest and the fastest growing decentralized cloud platform

leader, the company transforming the DevOps ecosystem, and building infrastructure to expedite app deployment globally is now spearheading the evolution of decentralized cloud platforms of the future. Their platform has already reduced Web Application deployment time from the months to just under a few seconds.

The worldwide public cloud computing market is among the fastest growing sectors, and it is expected to reach an estimated $495 billion by the end of 2022.[1] One of the biggest challenges for cloud-based digital businesses is to timely and conveniently deploy their cloud applications. This is where StackOS, the company founded by Vishnu Korde in 2017, has brought about unprecedented changes by building an advanced technology platform with a significant investment.

The StackOS platform expedites the process and companies using it are now able to get their products to market 3x faster than the past. The impact of the platform can be assessed from the fact that StackOS saves a million dollars in DevOps expenses annually to the small and mid-sized organizations in the US that are using the platform.

Speaking about this, Vishnu Korde, Founder, StackOS, said, “We have developed an open protocol that allows individuals to collectively offer a decentralized cloud service. Today, our platform facilitates deployment of any high-traffic application like full-stack apps, Dapps, nodes and websites. There are nearly 1600 projects running on our platform already, and despite the market slowdown, StackOS has been growing exponentially. Only in January 2022, we overtook the largest player in our domain, and within the last three months, the platform has grown over 5 times in size compared to the nearest competitor. Despite we being the last one to enter the arena, it is the convenience, speed and reliability offered by StackOS, that has made a number of companies leave the competitor platforms to use StackOS instead. We look forward to building a much bigger ecosystem in the near future through our affordable, convenient and diverse offerings.”

In early 2021, StackOS moved to its testnet platform which received heavy demand from the customers. Within a few months, the StackOS protocol moved to mainnet on August 16, 2021 where customers started to pay for the deployments. Today, the StackOS platform has emerged as the defacto AWS for the web3 sector.


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