Otodata taps Ericsson IoT Accelerator to scale up wireless tank management business


Ericsson announced its connectivity management platform, the IoT Accelerator, will be leveraged by Otodata to transform their remote storage tank monitoring business, through Bell’s largest network for IoT in Canada.

As supply levels for stored liquids, gasses, fuels, oils, and more become increasingly critical to the global supply chain, and with the wireless tank level monitoring market expected to reach nearly a quarter of a billion dollars by 2027, there is increasing pressure on tank operators to increase efficiency while keeping costs low. Real time, accurate monitoring provided by Otodata is making that possible. With Bell providing both network connectivity and connectivity management, a cellular IoT-based solution is helping the company rapidly scale up operations.

“Having full control over our solutions has allowed us to remain nimble and reactive to evolving customer needs, fueling the company’s rise to being the number one tank monitoring company in the world,” said Andre Boulay, President at Otodata. “Our customers are now able to abandon previous, outdated business models and enable their businesses to increase efficiency and lower costs while meeting the needs of their customers.”

Otodata’s business has been in rapid growth mode – the company is nearing 2 million tank monitors sold – and they realized a need to upgrade their initial connectivity solution, a private network focused on Eastern Canada. As the company looks toward global expansion, they are working with Ericsson and Bell to embed SIM cards into their devices, allowing them to work on the public cellular network and opening a new world of opportunity.

Otodata has selected Cat-M1 connectivity from Bell and has built a proprietary device management platform that integrates with Ericsson IoT Accelerator. With Bell’s coast-to-coast network, the IoT Accelerator platform can transfer SIM data from an Otodata device to a customer account efficiently and cost-effectively.

This cellular IoT-enabled solution allows Otodata devices to work right “out of the box” anywhere in the world, providing a significant competitive advantage for the company.

“We’re thrilled to continue our long-standing collaboration with Bell to help Otodata scale up their business across the globe,” said Kyle Okamoto, General Manager of IoT at Ericsson. “Our award-winning IoT Accelerator platform is helping businesses like Otodata capture the real-time insights that drive efficiencies, demonstrating how cellular technology leads to improved business outcomes.”

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