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Mahesh Lingareddy - Fouder and Chairman - Smartron
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KOMPANIONS: Changing Learning With AR And VR Tech

Incorporated in 2015, KOMPANIONS ┬áis a Gurugram-based ed-tech-sci start-up that aims to make learning processes fun, easy and impactful. The company has various innovative products and solutions in educational games …

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Team Vebbler

Vebbler: Photo Sharing Goes Event Based And Gets Smarter

Vebbler is a photo-sharing app for groups designed to make sharing of photos easy between groups at night outs, vacations, and celebrations. While people frequently take photos together using different …

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WONK: Helping Students, One Tutor At A Time

Since ages, the process of finding the right tutor for a student has been unscientific and adhoc. Given the massive size of student population in the country, lack of personal …

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