Social Media
twitter on phone

The Right Way To Research On Twitter

There are many uses to twitter. There are many users on twitter. These two sentences put together make twitter an amazing tool at the hands of a blogger, business owner or …

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Online Life

The Offline Experiment

How long can you stay offline? Recently I asked myself this question. And the answer was surprising to discover! But why did I go offline? There was an unpleasant incident …

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Explaining Twitter To A 10 Year Old

“Dad, what is twitter?” a seemingly small and very simple question. This was four years ago, coming from my son who was then 10 years old.There we embarked upon the …

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Amazon India helps weavers in four Indian states to sell online

In line with its vision to transform the way India buys & sells, Amazon India today announced its partnership with Development Commissioner Handloom under the Union Ministry of Textiles. As …

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Public Shaming

Social Shaming: The two edged knife

Today almost everyone is online. Being online is no longer an option, it has become an extension of the life we lead offline. But with the flurry of people going …

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Online Harassment: Numbers tell a sordid story

Harassment— the new reality online, from name calling to more serious and violent threatening behavior— has sadly become a common part of online life that colors the experiences of many …

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