3 Reasons Why the Oneplus 3 is a Practical and Must-Buy Phone

Oneplus 3

The Oneplus 3 has created a good and positive buzz around itself and is being looked at as a nearly perfect android device that performs well and serves as a good lifestyle companion. After our review of the device, we have been getting a lot of queries about why the device is a must-buy and whether or not the upgrade to the Oneplus 3 is worth it. So we picked three compelling reasons why the Oneplus is  practical and must buy device. Here they are

Oneplus 3

  1. Dash Charge – This part of the whole experience had us bowled over. Dash charge is actually ridiculously fast and faster than most other Quick/Fast charge solutions that we have seen. When we had the device, it made us give up the overnight charging paradigm completely. We just charged whenever it was needed. Half an hour is all it took to get enough juice to run for most of the day. And for folks who have a busy professional life or those who travel around a lot, this is quite literally a lifesaver! The time that you are not spending charging your mobile can be used productively. We picked this as number one because this is something that very visibly changes your whole smartphone experience
  2. Camera – Believe us when we say this, Oneplus has gone to work on the camera on this one and how! They have taken every single issue that was encountered with the camera in their previous devices and made it better. That is not saying that the camera in the OPO and OPT were slouches, they were practical and good. It has a Sony IMX298 sensor with a f2.0 aperture. They have thrown in OIS with it. What does this mean to you? Well, when you need to take a picture of a fleeting moment that you want to preserve for posterity, you need not be too worried about shaky hands spoiling the shot. The picture quality is top notch. When you generally look at phones that are performers, they miss out on the camera bit a little. But Oneplus have come up trumps with this one here!
  3. Performance¬†– We know that there have been articles/posts/statuses criticizing the Oneplus 3 for having too much memory! How can that even be logical? You’re going after a phone for having more memory? Getting back to the point, the combination of Snapdragon 820 and 6 GB RAM ensures that the phone can effortlessly handle anything that you can throw at it without even the lightest whimper or stutter! We tried heavy picture and video editing, a series of graphic heavy games and even the Microsoft Office Suite installed as separate packages on it and it was just not a bother. The RAM also ensures that you don’t have to look back and clean up memory every once in a while. Again, this is large amount of peace of mind for busy professionals. On the performance front, the Oneplus 3 is up there and gives no reason to complain at all.

Oneplus 3 Front

So, these are the reasons why we feel that the Oneplus 3 is a very practical and must buy device in the current lot. Oneplus has again taken the space by storm and given a segment changing phone. If there are any other reasons that you can think of, let us know in the comments and we will take a look at them too!

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