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kompanion-kube products

Incorporated in 2015, KOMPANIONS  is a Gurugram-based ed-tech-sci start-up that aims to make learning processes fun, easy and impactful. The company has various innovative products and solutions in educational games for children between the age of 3 and 15 years. The learning elements are based on advanced gamification modules, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, skill remediation and assessment architecture for enhanced learning experiences and outcome.

kompanion-kube products

The brains behind the company are Yuvraj Krishna Sharma and Gautam Arjun who are technology enthusiasts with experience of working in the education space. They realised that AR, VR, and gamification techniques could become powerful learning tools in the age of smart phones and tablets. Having worked closely in the education sector before starting the company, the founders realised the gaps in the Indian education sector.  They realised that the problem that plagues India’s education sector has been poor comprehension, which often leads to poor learning outcomes among school students. They believe that in today’s age when children can use laptops and smartphones from a very early stage, technology can offer tremendous opportunities to make learning explorative, engaging and highly informative for them. This led to the idea of establishing KOMPANIONS. The research and development (R&D) team, creative visualisers, innovation evangelists, and data and pedagogical scientists are all driven by the common goal of making learning and teaching, fun, easy, and full of impact for school students.

Yuvraj K Sharma

Yuvraj is leading the effort of establishing the company in India. He looks after product design, marketing, technology, and content design. Yuvraj believes in building the necessary skills in the children such as logical and creative thinking, curiosity, concentration, imagination, analysis, and fine motor skills. His understanding of the school education space coupled with technology gives him an extra edge in researching and bringing out innovative products especially designed for school students.

Gautam’s expertise includes education management, management consulting, business development, strategy, operations, and business modelling. Before starting KOMPANIONS, Gautam was a part of the management consulting team at KPMG, a research company, where he focused on leading the team for valuation, bid transaction advisory, financial modelling, strategic planning, business development, revenue maximization, and operational excellence.

Through its well thought-out products, KOMPANIONS tries to solve three core issues: Starting with diagnosing and raising brain performance in key areas such as intelligence, holistic growth, thinking new, logical thinking, language proficiency, and creativity. Secondly, reduce the gaps in learning, reasoning, and aptitude/logic. And finally, a correct growth path towards continuous improvement, in the current unstructured approach towards learning at schools.

Kube solarsystem box

The flagship product from KOMPANIONS is KUBE, India’s first three dimensional (3D) educational game-box that aims to build a child’s scholastic and co-scholastic skills through brain training. KUBE is suitable for children in the age group of 3 to 12 years. It helps to build various skills amongst the children such as logical and creative thinking, curiosity, concentration, imagination, analysis, and fine motor skills, to name a few. Additionally, KUBE helps to develop distinct facets of growth and exploration amongst children that includes intelligence, holistic development and new ways of thinking and language proficiency. KUBE comprises of a VR Kit (VR glasses for virtual tour), VR app (an edutaining application (app) for VR journey), fun facts and tracker images for 3D learning, digital games, picture card game with facts, 3D illustrations, catchy, theme-based words and their meanings, puzzles and teasers, theme based facts and trivia, insightful knowledge bytes. KUBE is available for sale through the company’s website and leading online shopping portals.

Other than KUBE, KOMPANIONS offers products and solutions, for both B2B and B2C space. It works with schools through 3D labs, assessment architecture, movie making, summer camps, and VR workshops for students.

Other key products from the company are:

K-LAB is a 3D knowledge laboratory for schools, equipped with elements of VR, AR, and gamification. K-LAB (Knowledge Laboratory) is a 21st century advanced Library that builds cognitive and non-cognitive skills in all learners. It uses some of the most advanced approaches in education, such as Gamification, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

KLASS is a solution that uses augmented reality as an enabler to make learning fun and meaningful. KOMPASS is a diagnostic assessment architecture that predicts and provides remedial solutions. KOMPASS is an adaptive assessment engine that is built on the fundamental premise of using assessment as a pedagogical tool for learning, making a paradigm shift from ‘Assessment of Learning’ to ‘Assessment for Learning’. It measures the conceptual understanding to analyze the ‘Gaps in Learning’ at the minutest of levels and establish the exact Learning Levels of every individual student

KANVAS is a movie-making project for schools, showcasing cinematic representation of themes related to children and learners. KANVAS is a cinematic initiative of making a movie of, by and with your students. KANVAS is a one of its kind lifetime experience that exposes young learners to the wonderful, creative world of movie making! It introduces them to new skills such as creative expression, speech and voice modulation, collaborative team work and the joy of putting together a fictional world to come true on celluloid

KAMP is a series of knowledge sessions such as VR workshops, brain training summer camps, and after-school classes with the student, school, and parent community.

KOMPANIONS believes that the current phase in the education technology industry is both exciting and challenging and the company’s R&D team is continuously working on innovative solutions across the education landscape from K-12 through higher education both for the B2B and B2C space. While positively impacting the society and helping children, adults as well as senior citizens to optimize their cognitive abilities; and build a better brain fit society, the company soon plans to reach out to a global audience.

Presently, KOMPANIONS has two offices each at Gurugram and Chandigarh and employee strength of 40. With significant presence in northern part of India, the company plans to expand in southern, eastern, and central part of India by the end of 2017, besides entering the middle-eastern countries as part of global geographical expansion. Addition of two innovative educational products and doubling the team by the end of this financial year is also in the pipeline. Currently bootstrapped, KOMPANIONS plans to raise funds in near future.

Since its inception, KOMPANIONS has successfully reached out to more than 10000 students, 3000 parents, and over 50 schools. With its recent association with Pearson Education, a leading publisher of academic and reference books to integrate its newly developed pedagogy involving VR and AR, KOMPANIONS would successfully reach out to more than one lakh students. Some of the leading schools in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Gurugram and Jaipur are using the products by KOMPANIONS.

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