Here’s Why The OnePlus 3T Is Still The Best Android Phone Of 2017

OnePlus 3T Midnight Black

When OnePlus decided to upgrade the hugely successful OnePlus 3 and replace it with the OnePlus 3T, the initial reactions were divided. Everyone was wondering why a successful top end model was being upgraded mid-cycle. But the OnePlus 3T proved to be a bigger draw than the OnePlus 3 and quickly took the mantle of the best android phone of 2017. We are one quarter and a lot of releases down and the OnePlus 3T is still arguably the best android phone of 2017

OnePlus 3T Midnight Black

When I say that the OnePlus 3T is still the best android phone of 2017, I mean that with solid respect and appreciation for the other flagships and top end devices that have come out since the OP3T came out. What I am looking at is a whole experience and an all round package for the end user. Yes there has been the Pixel and the Huawei P10 that I would list as serious contenders for the top spot. But they miss out by a whisker on a few parameters and a very widely on a few others. So without much ado, let me tell you why there are no serious takers yet to contend with the OP3T for the top spot.

Performance is the biggest and topmost area where the OP3T wins hands down when compared with contemporaries. I have been using it as my primary device for months now and I am yet to see even one instance of lag or stutter from this device. I sometimes use my phone as my primary access point for all my work. There are times when I need to get work done and am nowhere near my laptop or hybrid. I turn to the OP3T during such days and it performs just like my desktop without any issues. This is a big plus for a power user like me. I have never found myself worrying about the number of processes that are running or how much memory they may be using. I just keep working and the phone just keeps going. This is due in major part to the 6GB RAM and the Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 processor that work together to keep this powerhouse going. I recently went on a road trip and for a whole week, my OP3T was my work and entertainment companion. Absolutely no complaints there at all!

OnePlus3T_lifestyle _table

Videos and Gaming are a breeze with the OP3T. The device has an Adreno 530 handling the graphics and supporting the SD 821 very admirably. Heavy duty gaming is handled effortlessly. Stuff like Asphalt 8 was a smooth and enjoyable experience.  There was absolutely no frame dropping or any kind of snag or distortion during gaming. The phone took whatever I threw at it and kept going. Please note that I did not kill my usually running apps for gaming. Everything was on and running all the time. I also had zero issues with videos. The colors were nearly perfect, the screen served its purpose very well and when I was travelling I had to resort to long video loops, the device just kept going. It was like I was not giving it enough load. Very pleasant experience!

OnePlus3T On Table

Dash Charging is one of the biggest USPs of the OP3T, ever since it was first featured on the OP3, it has been setting the press abuzz. Since its advent, it has radically changed my charging routines. I do not charge my mobile overnight anymore, i just charge it once in the morning and I am able to see that in under an hour, I am all juiced up and ready to go for the day. I also got the car charger that supports dash charging and this is a huge plus when I am on the move! This adds a huge layer of relief to any smartphone user

OnePlus 3T Rear Camera

The battery of the OP3T is an unsung hero. The Non-removable Li-Ion 3400 mAh battery does admirably well. With a full charge, I often see that at the end of a day with heavy usage with a healthy mix of WiFi and 4G connectivity with GPS on, i have around 30% charge still remaining on the battery! That is absolutely brilliant for the lack of a better word.

As a package, given all this and price at which it sells, The OnePlus 3T is still to meet its match this year. The availability of various color and storage options just add more value to this remarkable device that now in many ways defines a superlative android experience. Let’s see what the rest of the year brings us! For now, The OP3T is still the king!


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