AI Can Help End Gender Pay Parity And Other Hiring Biases

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There are many things that AI can help with when it comes to making our lives better and improving the overall experience of working and doing business. One of the key areas where AI is leading a new wave of change is enterprise hiring. There are a lot of major issues that are plaguing this function. The worldwide focus on fixing gender disparity in pay and improving workplace diversity may get a major fillip with AI becoming an enabler in this area.

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There is now a major worldwide focus on two important issues that have been plaguing society for years now – Gender Pay Disparity and Workforce Diversity. Irrespective of professional standing, seniority or level in the organization, there is a massive pay gap between the genders in the corporate world today and that is not a healthy sign. Given the fact that the work output, performance and efforts cannot be distinguished based on gender, the existence of the gender pay gap is something that is very clearly bias-driven and not healthy. All organizations are trying to fix this in express mode now. Ranging from agile startups to large multinational corporations, everyone is seriously working towards fixing this.

The next major problem is the issue of workplace diversity and inclusion. The world today is a global village that is full of all of us, we are all different but together. We should be both, essentially different and always together. This diversity is what keeps the world going and that needs to translate to the workplaces as well. Sadly, even the most prolific and popular workplaces are struggling with this challenge too.

While the challenges that we discussed above are as different as apples and oranges, one thing that they have in common is a probable and important first step that can help fix them – AI enabled hiring. This simple yet powerful shift in the way we hire people may hold the key to solving these two major issues. Let us try and understand why.

The answer to the why rests in a single important feature of AI enabled hiring – while it incorporates a world of metadata and context behind analysis, bias is non-existent. Yes, your AI enabled hiring is devoid of biases by definition and that will help to sort both these problems out.

See, when AI makes a hiring decision or recommendation, you can be sure that there is no difference that is based on gender, ethnic group, race, creed or religion. The factors that will be considered will be all the right ones that should actually make a difference at work. So this way, AI can power organizations to combat both gender disparity in pay and address workplace diversity issues all in one shot. But that does not mean that candidate context is lost.

Contextual, cloud-based searching catapults recruiting into the Age of Artificial Intelligence by using the kind of intuitive text-based searching which could be suitable for data mining from social media, in short the entire internet which is filled with data in unstructured formats; rather than relying on the more limited supply of structured data. By doing so, the recruiter is less likely to miss a relevant candidate and the agency isn’t losing its potential fee.

This is where companies like Spire Technologies can help organizations to get their hiring process streamlined and AI enabled.


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