Honor 8 Pro First Impressions: Count Me (Doubly) Impressed!

Honor 8 Pro

I have spent some time with the highly anticipated Honor 8 Pro and looks like Huawei is very rightly telling people that it’s time to settle. Here are my first impressions of this device that looks all set to take on the bigwigs with a solid all in one package that it brings.

Honor 8 Pro

The Honor 8 Pro is a phone that looks classy and made of premium material. Holding it in my hand gave me a great feeling and the back is not slippery at all. It packs a great and vivid 5.7′ QHD display. The screen is a complete joy to use and supports crisp video and lag-free gaming effortlessly. The high resolution display ensures that the VR experience with the phone is nearly flawless, as an indicator to that, the packaging of the phone very quickly and easily transforms into a cardboard VR headset. Couple that with the Jaunt VR app and you are set for hours of fun and engaging content.

Honor 8 Pro

The fact that Huawei has packed a 4000 mAH battery into this ultra-thin frame is a big plus for the phone. The extra juice is a must for the high-res screen and the battery serves it very well. The added plus that the battery is not bulky and ugly on the back is pretty neat. Power on a charge went on to last well beyond a day on above average use.

Huawei and especially the Honor sub-brand have mastered the fine art of packing a dual camera in devices to actually add value. Honor has gone with a dual 12 MP camera setup that has one color and one black and white sensor.  The software smartly stitches together very vivid and crisp detailing with the resulting image. The fact that the dual camera is flush with the rear side of the phone and not jutting out is good to see. The images churned out are very good. The wide aperture or bokeh mode is exceptional. the camera also does very well in low light conditions using the B&W sensor to gather more light and hence deliver better quality.

The phone ships with a good front camera too and runs on EMUI 5.1 which is Huawei’s own Android skin. There are a lot of thoughtful additions to the skin and everything you need to do is just three taps away. The phone also comes with machine learning built-in to help understand the way you will use apps and use that data to ensure that there are no lags or stutters. The phone does this by prioritizing the apps that you use often over the ones that you don’t. I hardly saw any sign of lag or stutter.

So in summary, Count me doubly impressed with Honor 8 Pro. More details in the review!

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